Best Harley Quinn build in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League: Talents, weapons, and gear

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Harley Quinn Classic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Harley Quinn is one of the most powerful characters in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and while her playstyle might not mesh well with every type of player, she’s capable of carrying your team through the hardest content in the game with her high damage output.

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Harley is the squad’s glass cannon. She specializes in maintaining a high combo count while avoiding damage as often as possible. She doesn’t have many perks that boost her survivability like King Shark and other members of the Suicide Squad do, but that just leaves more room for perks that increase her damage potential. She’s one of the hardest Suicide Squad characters to master, but once you’ve got the right build, Harley Quinn is a blast to play.

Best Harley Quinn Talents in Suicide Squad KTJL

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Harley Quinn Talents
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This Harley Quinn build focuses entirely on grenades. When you’re not slinging grenades into crowds of enemies, you’ll be able to swoop in for a few quick melee attacks and a Suicide Strike thanks to some perks that boost Harley’s melee damage after meeting certain criteria.

  • Thrills N’ Kills
    • The Ballerina
    • Traumatic Experience
    • Small But Deadly
    • Self-Care
    • Cherry Bomb
    • Bottle Rocket
    • Home Cookin’
    • Encore!
    • Boom, Bang, Pow!
    • Intensive Treatment
  • Meet My Mallet
    • Untouchable
    • Suicide Strike
    • Arkham Special
    • Drone in the Zone
    • Safety First
    • Three Strikes
    • Keep ‘Em Comin’
    • Big Swinger
    • Tightrope Act
    • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  • One Woman Show
    • Twinkletoes
    • On the Hop
    • What Goes Up
    • Bird of Prey
    • Slidin’ Shrapnel
    • Juggler’s Delight
    • A Grapple A Day…
    • Agent of Chaos
    • Squad Ultimate
    • Ultimate Refresher

With these perks, Harley’s grenades will deal way more damage than her weapons can. Maintaining your grenade stock is hard, though, but certain weapons and mods will help her replenish her arsenal.

Melee is the other half of this Harley Quinn build. While it’s not the focus, it’ll help her stay alive since shield harvests and ability regeneration are heavily boosted in this build. Plus, melee attacks synergize well with some of the best gear for Harley Quinn.

Best Harley Quinn Weapons in Suicide Squad KTJL

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Harley Quinn Build Weapons
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Even though this build focuses on grenades, you’ll still need a decent pair of weapons to help you survive. Bizarro’s Undeath Ray (granted as a guaranteed drop from the campaign) has a chance to Craze enemies and can deal increased damage to Crazed foes with its alternate fire mode, which is perfect for this build. In addition, Bane’s Death Rattle SMG is a perfect fit for Harley because it’ll help her maintain the Craze Affliction on crowds of enemies.

  • Firearm 1: Bizarro’s Undeath Ray
  • Firearm 2: Death Rattle (Bane)
  • Melee: Two Face’s Persuader or Prison Pinata

For the melee slot, there are two good options for Harley. The first is Two-Face’s Persuader, which gives Harley a 50% chance to spawn grenade ammo or a live grenade when smacking a Crazed enemy. It also activates a Villain Synergy with the Bane set that causes shield harvests to guarantee a grenade ammo drop and double your grenade damage for 20 seconds. Starting to see how things come together?

If you don’t have Two-Face’s Persuader (it can be hard to get Notorious gear to drop, after all), then the legendary Prison Pinata bludgeon is a great fit for Harley Quinn too. It causes shield harvest kills to drop grenade ammo and a damage buff 100% of the time, which emulates the effects of the Two-Face hammer. You’ll lose out on the Villain Synergy, though, so try to farm for that Two-Face drop.

Best Harley Quinn Mods & Gear in Suicide Squad KTJL

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Harley Quinn Build Gear
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Harley’s gear brings us to the other half of this build: Afflictions. The Bane set is all the rage right now, and Harley’s kit pairs beautifully with the Crazed Affliction. There are so many ways to replenish her grenade count and boost her explosive damage with this build.

With the Choke Hold grenade and Unflinching Shield Mod, the three-piece bonus for the Bane’s Rage set becomes active. This causes Harley’s melee attacks to Craze enemies and makes them drop grenade ammo. Critical hits on Crazed enemies spawn a Rage Zone that can be collected to double all damage for 20 seconds. Since this build reaches the third tier of Bane’s Rage, grenade damage is also increased by 200% after collecting a Rage Zone and grenade kills refresh the 20-second countdown while also dropping additional grenade ammo.

  • Grenade: Choke Hold (Bane)
  • Shield Mod: Unflinching (Bane)
  • Traversal Mod: Gravitropism (Ivy)
  • Neck Bomb Mod: Hugo Strange’s Specialization
  • Lucky Charm: Jinx’s Lucky Coin

The real interesting stuff comes from the Villain Synergies unlocked by the rest of Harley’s gear, however. Hugo Strange’s Specialization in the Neck Bomb Mod slot makes Harley immune to damage from Afflicted enemies after she Afflicts five enemies with the same type of Affliction. With everything in her kit inflicting Craze, she’ll be unkillable.

This is even better when you add in Jinx’s Unlucky Coin in the Lucky Charm slot, which grants Harley 250% increased damage against Afflicted enemies. Every 20 seconds, a new Affliction type will be selected and Harley will deal an additional 750% increased damage against enemies affected by that specific Affliction. To add a cherry on top, Poison Ivy’s Traversal Mod gives Harley a nice 50% increase to damage against Afflicted enemies.

This Harley Quinn build combines some of the best gear in the game to make her one of the Suicide Squad’s strongest units. The Crazed Affliction will help you survive some of the game’s hardest encounters, and Harley’s grenades will deal insane amounts of damage to Afflicted enemies. If you want to make the most out of this build, however, you’ll need to know where you can farm for Notorious and Infamy items.