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Best heroes in AFK Arena tier list

The best AFK heroes!

Having a general idea of how the game works is only the first step. The next is getting capable heroes to carry you through the game’s challenges. Here is the tier list of the best heroes you can find in AFK Arena.

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AFK Arena tier list: the best heroes in the game!

Afk Arena Tier List
Image: Lilith Games

The number of heroes in AFK Arena can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you revisit the game after a couple of years just as I did. Shemira used to be S+ Tier along with Brutus and look where she is at the moment. If you’re ready to begin your journey in AFK Arena – and ready to spend countless grinding hours – then be sure to check out the tier list below.

AFK Arena Tier List

S+Awakened Baden, Awakened Belinda, Awakened Brutus, Awakened Safiya, Awakened Solise, Awakened Thane, Daemia, Emilia, Ezizh, Grezhul, Haelus, Kren, Liberta, Lorsan, Lucilla, Maetria, Mishka, Mortas, Nevanthi, Palmer, Raine, Rem, Rosaline, Scarlet, Silas, Skriath, Talene, Tamrus, Veithael
SAinz Ooal Gown, Albedo, Anasta, Antandra, Astar, Awakened Athalia, Brutus, Baden, Brutus, Canisa & Ruke, Cecilia, Crassio, Daimon, Drez, Elijah & Lailah, Eorin, Estrilda, Fawkes, Hodgkin, Ivan, Izold, Joan of Arc, Khazard, Leonardo, Lucretia, Lyca, Mehira, Merlin, Morael, Mulan, Naroko, Nemora, Numisu, Oden, Olgath, Orthros, QUEEN, Rowan, Skreg, Tasi, Trishea, Zolrath
AAlna, Athalia, Awakened Ezizh, Belinda, Desira, Edwin, Eluard, Fane, Flora, Geralt, Ginneas, Granit, Izold, Kelthur, Morrow, Nara, Oku, Pippa, Respen, Salaki, Satrana, Saurus, Thoran, Tidus Torne, Warek, Zaphrael
BAlaro, Anoki, Eioz, Fawkes, Gorvo, Gwyneth, Hendrik, Isabella, JOKER, Kalene, Lucius, Peggy, Sonja, Thali Theowyn, Vyloris,
CFane, Kaz, Khasos, Kong, Leofric, Melusina, Mezoth, Nakoruru, Oku, Oscar, Prince of Persia, Rigby, Seirus, Shemira, Solise, Thane, Thesku, Titus, Ukyo, Ulmus, Vurk, Walker Wu Zikis,

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Remember that getting all of these heroes in AFK Arena and leveling them up will take a lot of time. And that is because you will rely almost entirely on luck. I hope the RNG overlords shine upon you. Just don’t spend money on this game, or any free-to-play game to be honest. It’s a trap and you will end up in debt.

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