Best Jianxin Team Comps In Wuthering Waves
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Best Jianxin team comps in Wuthering Waves

Three unique team comps.

Jianxin is a 5-Star Aero Gauntlet character who is a talented monk and an incredible team member in combat. But who else should you put with her? Here are the best Jianxin team comps in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves: Best Jianxin team comps

There are quite a few characters to choose from in Wuthering Waves, and only three characters are allowed per party. This makes it even tougher to choose the right team compositions. Here are some of the best team comps for Jianxin.

Main DPS

Main DPSSub DPSSupport

If you’re looking to have Jianxin as a main DPS, try putting Aalto as a sub-DPS and Baizhi as support. Jianxin, while having a few support skills, can deal consistent Aero damage. This is especially true since Aalto’s Outro skill buffs Jianxin’s Aero DMG and Baizhi’s Outro skill provides an All-Type DMG Deepen, as well as some healing.

Jianxin is also good for Aalto since her Outro skill grants Resonance Liberation DMG Deepen to Aalto when he enters Qingloong Mode. This is a well-rounded team that can aid each other with their Outro skills.


Main DPSSub DPSSupport

You can also have Jianxin as a sub-DPS if you put Mortefi as the main DPS and Yangyang as support. While Jianxin can provide Resonance Liberation DMG Deepen for Mortefi when he uses Violent Finale, Mortefi can grant Jianxin a Heavy Attack DMG Deepen boost when she consumes Stamina to deal heavy Aero DMG to a target.

Yangyang is a perfect support character since her Outro skill can recover Resonance Energy over time for either Jianxin or Mortefi. This will allow these two DPS characters to use their Ultimate abilities sooner.


Main DPSSub DPSSupport

Jianxin can also be used as a support character when Calcharo is a main DPS and Sanhua is a sub-DPS. As a support, Jianxin can provide shields for her party members as well as grant a boost in Resonance Liberation DMG Deepen.

Calcharo is an excellent main DPS who deals significant Electro DMG and can deal off-field damage with his Outro skill. Then we have Sanhua who deals Glacio DMG and can grant a boost of Basic Attack DMG Deepen for the team as her Outro skill.

There are many other incredible characters to look out for in the right team comps in Wuthering Waves, such as Lingyang team comps.

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