Best King Shark build in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League: Talents, weapons, and gear

Best King Shark Build In Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League
Screenshot: PC Invasion

King Shark fills the tank role in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League but he’s also so much more. With the best Talents and the best Loadout, King Shark in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a force of nature.

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What is the best build for King Shark in Suicide Squad KTJL?

King Shark’s best weapon is the Heavy Weapon thanks to the Talents. While using the Heavy Weapon, we’ll spend time airborne and launching into Atlantean Drops to close the gap, use Suicide Strike to make the surrounding enemies Shield Harvestable, and use your Melee to apply Bleed and Shield Harvest everyone around us.

Best King Shark Talents in Suicide Squad KTJL

Bets King Shark Talents In Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The best King Shark build focuses on Suicide Strike, Shield Harvest, and using our Heavy Weapon and melee at close ranges. Here are the best Talents that highlight this playstyle:

  • Firepower
    • Blood Frenzy – Increases melee damage after Counters and applies Bleed to melee hits at five Combo or higher.
    • Splash Zone – Melee hits affect everyone within two meters by deal 50% less damage.
    • Heaviest Weapon – Applies Bleed when using a Heavy Weapon which is our primary weapon.
    • Unyielding Hunger – Increases firearm magazine damage by 20% up to 200% after Shield Harvest which is great because the Heavy Weapon has a huge magazine.
    • Surf and Turf – Heavy weapon kills regenerate 3% shield which is helpful to stay alive.
    • Renewing Blitz – At 20 Combo, your next five Critical Hits add 25% damage to your next Shield Harvest.
    • Devastating Bite – Deal 10% more damage up to 100% at 20 Combo or higher.
    • Blood in the Water – At 30 Combo or higher, your Shield Harvest causes enemies to Bleed for 50% of the damage.
    • Vicious Appetite – Shield Harvest chance increased by 20% on enemies within 20 meters which is really helpful because the more shields, the better.
    • Shark Rage – Turns Blood Frenzy to Shark Rage and gives you 75% more damage and 50% more Suicide Strike build-up at or above 40 Combo.
  • Strength and Dominance
    • Ocean Blessing – Get a plus 10% to Shield Harvest chance and 20% to Melee damage at five Combo.
    • Suicide Strike – Geat special skill to be used often when needing to Shield Harvest.
    • Domineering Presence – At 10 Combo, you get an extra 20% damage to enemies within 20 meters from all sources and Suicide Strikes and 10% more recourse generation for Atlantean Drop.
    • Oceanic Defense – At 10 Combo or higher, you gain 20% more shield capacity which is great so you run out of shields less fast.
    • Royal Resurrection – Instead of getting downed, you come back at 100% health and 25% shield. The cooldown is 120 seconds. This skill is too good not to take.
    • Top of the Food Chain – This is one of the best skills for King Shark because it allows you to chain Shield Harvests once every thirty seconds. At 20 Combo or higher, your Shield Harvest attack will make an enemy within 10 meters Shield Harvestable.
    • Shark Tank – Gain a 20% increase to shield pickup and a 10% increase to Shield Harvest chance when at or above 20 Combo.
    • Dominating Strike – Gain 10% Suicide Strike after performing a Shield Harvest. This is great because you create a gameplay loop between Shield Harvesting and performing Suicide Strike.
    • Wave Breaker – Suicide Strike does 50% more damage. A great skill to have for taking out high-health enemies.
    • Powerful Strikes – At 50 Combo or higher, increases melee damage by 150% and firearm damage by 50% to enemies within 20 meters.
  • Powers of the Ancients
    • Nervous System – Every 10 Combo increases Melee damage by 10% and you get one Combo upon every Shield Harvest.
    • Strong Swimmer – King Shark’s traversal is strong, but this makes it even better.
    • Land Shark – At 10 Combo or higher, Atlantean Drop deals 50% more damage.
    • Flying Fish – It’s important to get a lot of Combo quickly, and this skill gives you one combat for every five seconds you’re airborne.
    • Streamline – Since you won’t be using Atlantean Drop too often, when you do use it, you want it to be strong. This skill increases the Atlantean Drop damage by 25% with each Aerial Dash which can add 75% more damage.
    • Drop and Destroy – At 20 Combo or higher, you get one Combo for each enemy if you hit at least three enemies with Atlantean Drop.
    • Shark Recuperation – To synergize with the other airborne skills, Shark Recuperation grants 1% shield for every two seconds spent airborne.
    • Jaws of Life – At 30 Combo or higher, your melee hits regenerate 10% shield and 30% health. This is a great skill to make melee even stronger.
    • Squad Ultimate – You slow down enemies which gives you time to Shield Harvest and Suicide Strike.
    • Ultimate Ancients’ Strength – Gain 150% bonus melee damage while Suicide Ultimate is active.

Best King Shark Loadout in Suicide Squad KTJL

Best King Shark Loadout In Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The best King Shark build needs the best weapons and gear. Make sure you know how to get Finite Crisis Notorious and Infamy weapons and gear and get to grinding to get this amazing King Shark Loadout:

  • Firearm 1 – Black Mask’s Bulletstorm Heavy Weapon, One Man Leaves Heavy Weapon
  • Firearm 2 – No Holds Barred Shotgun, A Building Thunder Assault Rifle
  • Melee – Two-Face Persuader Blade
  • Grenade – Reign of Bain
  • Shield Mod – Unstoppable
  • Traversal Mod – The Turtle’s Still Force Conduit
  • Neck Bomb Mod – Titan Tolerance
  • Lucky Charm – Little Osito

Feel free to use this best King Shark build guide as a template as you experiment on your own to find the best build for you. While you’re grinding toward the best Infamy sets, you’ll need to know the fastest ways to raise your Finite Crisis rank.

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