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Best Legendary armor in Baldur’s Gate 3, ranked

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While there are only a handful of Legendary armor pieces in Baldur’s Gate 3, they certainly live up to their rarity. The better the armor, the more abilities they have. Typically, these items are only attainable in the later game, when your characters are close to max level. If you’re interested in what the best Legendary armor is and how to get them in Baldur’s Gate 3, read this ranked list.

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Baldur’s Gate 3(BG3): Best Legendary armor, ranked

Best Legendary Armor In Baldurs Gate 3 Ranked

Screenshot: PC Invasion

5. Mask of the Shapeshifter

This Legendary helm is quite unique compared to the other pieces. It’s a helmet that covers your entire head, with three different faces on it. All it really does is give you the Disguise Self spell. While this is a pretty cool spell, it doesn’t offer any other benefits. So it’s more useful in very specific situations. Also, many classes can eventually learn this spell anyway, so I don’t find it very helpful.

The only way to get the Mask of the Shapeshifter is to purchase the Digital Deluxe version of Baldur’s Gate 3. This is the only Legendary armor piece locked behind a paywall. But if you owned the Early Access version of this game before launch, you get an automatic free upgrade to the Digital Deluxe version!

4. Gloves of Soul Catching

Anyone who deals unarmed attacks, like Monks, should definitely wield these gloves. the Gloves of Soul Catching have a few unique abilities:

  • Soul Fist: Unarmed attacks deal an additional 1-10 Force damage.
  • Soul Catching: Once per turn, on an unarmed hit, you regain 10 HP. Or, you can forego healing to gain Advantage on attack rolls/saving throws until the end of your next turn.
  • Constitution: +2

The reason these gloves are low in the ranking are because they’re very particular to the Monk class. Practically all other classes don’t deal unarmed attacks, but these gloves are still incredible. Being able to heal 10 HP or gain Advantage are equally amazing, as well as the extra damage and CON bonus.

How you can get the Gloves of Soul Catching are in the House of Hope. In the quest ‘Escape the Deal’, you must free Hope to receive these gloves. It’s the quest completion reward.

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3. Helm of Balduran

This is another helmet, but this time, it’s actually useful. The Helm of Balduran grants the wearer three amazing well-rounded buffs:

  • Balduran’s Vitality: Heals you two HP at the beginning of every turn.
  • Balduran’s Favor: You get a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws.
  • Stun Immunity: You cannot be Stunned, and attacks cannot land Critical Hits on you.

This medium armor helmet is versatile, good for practically any class. The fact that you cannot be stunned or subject to Crits is great, alongside getting that tiny bit of healing. Also, even a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws is enough.

You can get the Helm of Balduran in Wyrm’s Rock Fortress. When you’re doing the quest to defeat Ansur the dragon, loot it, and it’ll give you this helm.

2. Helldusk Armor

This incredible piece of armor was almost going to be in first place, as it’s the best heavy armor in the game. It’s just not as helpful as the first-place armor, but let me talk more about the Helldusk Armor. This gives the wearer 21 AC, which is extremely high. Also, here are some cool abilities:

  • Helldusk Armor: Considered Proficient with this armor while wearing. No AC bonus from DEX.
  • Infernal Retribution: When you succeed a saving throw, the caster receives Burning for three rounds.
  • Prime Aegis of Fire: Gain Resistance to Fire damage and cannot get Burned. You also take three less damage from all sources.
  • Fly spell: Gain ability to fly for ten turns.

The only place to find the Helldusk Armor is in the House of Hope, and it’s dropped by Raphael. The House of Hope really does have the best armor!

1. Viconia’s Walking Fortress

I was very close to putting this in second place, but it’s just too amazing. While not everyone uses shields, I believe its features are better than the Helldusk Armor. Viconia’s Walking Fortress is a beautiful shield that gives you +3 AC, two spells, and two abilities:

  • Rebuke of the Mighty: When you’re hit with a melee attack, use your Reaction to deal back 2-8 Force damage. Also a chance to knock them Prone unless they succeed at a DEX saving throw.
  • Spellguard: Gain Advantage on saving throws against spells. Also, spell attack rolls against you are at a disadvantage.
  • Reflective spell: A protective shell envelops you and can reflect projectiles targeted at you for two turns.
  • Warding Bond spell: Ward an ally. They gain Resistance to all damage, and a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws. Also, when they take damage, spellcaster takes same amount of damage.

How you can get Viconia’s Walking Fortress is in the House of Grief in Act 3, which is in the Lower City. It’s on Viconia’s body if you defeat her. As a side note, I gave Shadowheart this shield, and I find it perfect for her build.

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