Best locations for Lithium in Subnautica

Best locations for Lithium in Subnautica

Prepare to kickstart your adventures deeper into this liquid nightmare.

Lithium is a mineral in Subnautica mainly used to craft Plasteel Ingots, an ingredient needed to make the game’s machine upgrades like the Seamoth, Cyclops, or Prawn Suit, or even just the Habitat Builder so you can start making your base. Needless to say, it’s a fairly important one to pin down and figure out how to farm. Here’s a quick guide to the best locations for lithium in Subnautica.

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Where to find Lithium in Subnautica

Lithium is hard to pinpoint down because it’s found almost everywhere. Except for Kelp Forests and Safe Shallows, you can find it along the ground anywhere else.

It’s also an outcome of breaking Shale outcrops, which are also found everywhere but the Safe Shallows and Kelp Forests. If you have a Prawn Suit with a drill, lithium is among the more common large ore deposits.

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Lithium 2

Lithium found on a tree in the Mushroom Forest. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Putting all this together, I recommend the best locations for lithium in Subnautica to be the Mushroom Forests, Mountains, Mountain Island Caves, or The Lost River. The safest and easiest of this options is the Mushroom Forest. It’s usually found just beyond the Grassy Plateau biomes (the ones with red seagrass) and hard to miss. Mountains and Lost River will require a lot of preparation, as they’re both full of dangerous enemies. They’re practically impossible to venture to if you don’t already have the Seamoth. And to boot, they’re among the scariest locations in the game. The Mushroom Forest, on the other hand, is manageable to swim into with just yourself. You’ll have to watch out for Ampeels and Bonesharks, but the Ampeel is easy to spot thanks to glowing with electricity.

Failing this, you could stick to the Grassy Plateau and just keep searching the seafloor or walls for lithium. You’ll still have Sand Sharks to contend with, but it’s doable. But if you have the means to venture into the harder biomes or the Mushroom Forest, I recommend farming for lithium there.

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