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10 best Personas in Persona 3 Reload, ranked

Nobody beats these Personas

If you’re looking for the most powerful Personas to fuse in Persona 3 Reload, here’s a ranked list of the top 10.

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Dozens of other incredible Personas may serve you well in battle, but these 10 are the most remarkable in stats, skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

Persona 3 Reload: 10 best Personas, ranked

10 Best Personas In Persona 3 Reload Ranked Norn
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10. Norn

Norn is the Fortune Arcana, and is only required to fuse at level 65. It’s one of the few special Personas that require specific combinations. If you bring together Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, you’ll get a high Wind damage Persona.

Her skill Panta Rhei can deal severe Wind damage to one foe, and with the Wind Amp passive, alongside her incredible Magic level, Norn is a pretty powerful Persona to have.

10 Best Personas In Persona 3 Reload Ranked Susano O
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9. Susano-o

Aligned with the Fool Arcana, and with a required level of 77, Susano-o has incredible Strength and specializes in Slash damage. Its Charge skill will be able to make its Slash skills even more damaging to enemies.

You’ll need a variety of Personas to create Susano-o, which are Take-Minakata, Take-Mikazuchi, Okuninushi, Shiki-Ouiji, and Kikuri-Hime. This is the Persona you go for to deal heavy Physical attacks.

8. Alilat

Starting from level 84, you can fuse Alilat, which is the Empress Arcana. Specifically, Alilat is the Ultimate Persona of Mitsuru, so once you max out her Social Link you can create this Persona. They’re only weak to Dark and Fire damage but will repel Strike and Slash damage while blocking Ice skills.

Nearly all Ultimate Personas are amazing, but Alilat stands out due to their ability to deal Ice, Electric, and Fire damage. Alilat can also place a barrier on all allies to reflect Magic damage.

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7. Satan

You don’t want to mess with Satan, which begins at level 82 and is with the Judgement Arcana. Their high Magic stat comes into play when they use skills like Diamond Dust, Maeigaon, and Megidolaon.

Satan can play with Ice, Dark, and Almighty damage. With the Concentrate skill, Satan can deal extra damage with their next Magic skill. If you manage to create a Satan, you don’t get rid of it.

10 Best Personas In Persona 3 Reload Ranked Thanatos
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6. Thanatos

As the Death Arcana, and the starting level of 78, Thanatos is pretty similar to Satan in their abilities. Having both high Magic and Strength, Thanatos excels in Dark and Slash damage. This especially works with Dark Amp, which will strengthen its Dark skills even further.

They’re only weak to Light damage but can resist Fire, Wind, Ice, and Electricity. As expected, Thanatos repels Dark damage. I’ve put it above Satan since it’s a special fusion, requiring Pisaca, Pale Rider, Loa, Samael, Mot, and Alice.

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5. Helel

Helel is a part of the Star Arcana and is available from level 88. They have incredibly high stats all around, but it works best with Light and Almighty damage. Helel isn’t just a fighter, but a support as well. They can fully restore the party’s HP while curing them, and Life Aid allows them to recover some of their max HP and SP post-battle.

With resistance to all Physical attacks, drain to Dark and Light damage, and Ice being their only weakness, Helel is a force of nature. The only issue with fusing Helel is having to max out the Star Social Link.

4. Metatron

This Persona is another Ultimate Persona, but this time with the Aeon Arcana. Beginning at level 87, once you max out Aigis’ Social Link you can fuse Metatron. They have stats in the 60s for Strength, Magic, and Endurance, as well as powerful Light, Almighty, and Strike damage skills.

Metatron comes with a healing skill that will restore the party’s HP and cure them of all Status Ailments. They can repel Fire, Light, and Wind damage, resist Ice, and are only weak to Electricity and Dark damage. Luckily, Metatron can use Repel Elec to reflect Electric attacks by level 94.

10 Best Personas In Persona 3 Reload Ranked Lucifer
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3. Lucifer

We’re now getting to the most formidable Personas in Persona 3 Reload. Lucifer belongs to the Judgement Arcana and has a minimum level of 89. With 70 points in both Strength and Magic, Lucifer can deal a huge amount of Almighty, Slash, Fire, Wind, and even Ice damage.

They have an incredible arsenal of Magic attacks and can use Debilitate to decrease a foe’s ATK, DEF, accuracy, and evasion for three turns. With no weaknesses, repel to Dark skills, and drain for Electricity and Fire damage, Lucifer is a must-have. Just combine Samael, Abaddon, Beelzebub, Satan, and Helel to get this monster.

10 Best Personas In Persona 3 Reload Ranked Messiah
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2. Messiah

Arguably one of the absolute strongest Personas in Persona 3 Reload, Messiah is a Persona that you should have by the endgame. Starting at level 91, and part of the Judgement Arcana, Messiah’s strengths deal with Almighty and Strike damage.

Although it can regenerate HP and SP often, and restore HP for your party, Messiah blocks all Physical attacks, and resists Fire, Ice, Electric, and Wind damage, all while repelling Light and Dark skills. They’re an impenetrable force that has an incredible arsenal.

1. Orpheus Telos

Taking the number one spot is Orpheus Telos who can be even stronger than Messiah. Aligned with the Fool Arcana, and starting from level 91, Orpheus Telos may seem underwhelming with just one ability. Victory Cry can fully restore HP and SP after battle.

To get Orpheus Telos, you need to max out all Social Links, which is pretty difficult. They’re also resistant to every type of damage. Luckily, they can learn practically all skills, so there’s a lot of flexibility. You’ll be able to fuse Orpheus Telos by combining Thanatos, Asura, Chi You, Metatron, Helel, and Messiah.

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