Subclasses In Backpack Battles
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Best Ranger Builds in Backpack Battles

Let's shoot some people. If that's your build, that is.

Playing the Ranger in Backpack Battles is easy fun, as it is a rather consistent character that focuses primarily on accuracy and critical hits. There are several builds you could choose, all depending on what you’re able to buy early on.

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After you win your fifth fight for the Ranger in Backpack Battles, you will be able to purchase a subclass item that will orientate the way you play moving forward. The items will have the name of the subclass above them, although the items themselves have different names.

There will be many items that you need to craft for these builds, so planning is crucial to utilize these great builds.

Best Hunter Build in Backpack Battles

Piercing Arrow In Backpack Battles
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The Hunter Build is available through the Piercing Arrow class item, which grants the following effects:

  • Weapons in Star slots deal thirty percent additional damage on a critical hit and remove five Armor from your opponent.
  • Whenever an item in a Diamond slot activates, the Ranger has a 40% chance of gaining one stack of Lucky.

This class is great for those who have a range of weaponry already in their Backpack, preferably any Bow weapons, such as Fortuna’s Grace. To maximize the Piercing Arrow’s effectiveness, place your fastest weapon in the Diamond slot. This means that you will build more Lucky as fast as possible, making it virtually impossible to miss your shots.

Your Ranger Bag gives an additional 10% critical hit chance, try to orientate your weapons to be inside the Ranger Bag in any capacity as well as touching the Star slots of the Piercing Arrow. They will deal critical hits more often and will deal even more damage and negate your opponent’s armor.

Any spare space in the Ranger Bag should be filled with Lucky Clovers, as they increase the effect of the Ranger Bag. As you’ll now have a high stamina cost thanks to all those weapons, stocking up on Bananas will be crucial.

Daggers also make for good low-cost weapons to keep up your DPS, as the bows are slower to fire.

Best Lifebinder Build in Backpack Battles

Yggdrasil Leaf In Backpack Battles
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The Lifebinder Build is available through the Yggdrasil Leaf class item, which grants the following effects:

  • Grants 1 Mana and 1 Regeneration for each Nature item in a Star slot.
  • Heals the Ranger for 5HP and cleanses two debuffs each time the Ranger spends 5 Mana.

This item is orientated around builds that use Mana, which is pretty tough as magic items don’t typically fall into the Ranger’s wheelhouse. However, it’s easy to build up this class to be indomitable. The Regeneration effects of this item allow you to win battles of attrition, but you’ve got to keep spending Mana for this to be effective.

You’ll need to make plenty of Mana Potions to rack up on Mana. Also, buy Mana Orbs to create weapons that use Mana, such as Magic Torches and Spectral Daggers. The constant use of Mana by these weapons will really hurt your opponent, and having all the Yggdrasil Leaf’s Star slots filled with Nature items will allow you to keep using them, healing you in the process.

It would also be wise to craft and purchase as many other Mana-related items for defense purposes. You will become untouchable. The Moon Armor and Moon Shield come to mind.

Best Grovekeeper Build in Backpack Battles

Mega Clover In Backpack Battles
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The Grovekeeper Build is available through the Mega Clover class item, which grants the following effects:

  • Generates two Lucky Clovers in storage between each round.
  • Increases the chance of an item being on sale by 8%.
  • Increases the chance of getting a Unique item, either in the shop or from items like the Shovel, by 20%.
  • If the Ranger reaches 20 stacks of Lucky, you gain 40 other buffs at random.

This build lives and dies on Lucky Clovers. Although half of the Mega Clover’s abilities are based on chance, the biggest will pop every time, considering you can meet the demanding high of 20 stacks of Lucky.

The Lucky Piggy, Fortuna’s Grace, Flute, Leather Boots, and the Lucky Clover are the only items that add to your total Lucky stack. Make sure to use your Lucky Clovers, especially when you get the Mega Clover, to add as many Lucky items as you can to your Backpack.

Earning those 40 random buffs will soar your capabilities in battle. With those buffs, you are free to add whatever other weapons and armor you want to your Backpack to keep the damage flowing.

Best Beastmaster Build in Backpack Battles

Bowl Of Treats In Backpack Battles
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The Beastmaster Build is available through the Big Bowl of Treats class item, which grants the following effects:

  • Grants two buffs at random every four seconds.
  • When triggered, all Food in Star slots will gain a 5% activation speed buff for the rest of the battle. This stacks up to 20 times, for a total buff of 100%.
  • All Pets in the Rangers backpack have a 30% of firing twice when activated.
  • Unique Pets will appear in the shop while the Big Bowl of Treats is equipped.

As you can tell, the Beastmaster build revolves around having lots of pets and creatures to do the fighting for you. These pet attacks don’t require stamina, adding a lot of extra firepower without having to compensate for lots of Stamina.

Make sure to buy as many of the new creatures you’ll get access to, such as the Rats and Hedgehogs. These creatures pair fantastically with items that inflict Pestilence or incur Spikes, respectively, so make sure to have items such as the Poison Dagger or Spiked Shield to create amazing synergies that will punish your opponent for existing and for attacking you.

Position your food items around the Big Bowl of Treats for full effectiveness. As your pets will be doing the fighting for you, you won’t have to worry about stacking on Bananas as much as other builds. Other food items like Garlic, Carrots, or Pineapples should have a higher priority.

Best Pathfinder Build in Backpack Battles

Poison Ivy In Backpack Battles
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The Pathfinder Build is available through the Poison Ivy class item, which grants the following effects:

  • Gain a 5% chance to resist debuffs from every Nature item in Star slots.
  • For each Spike that the Ranger gains, 2 Pestilence is inflicted on the opponent.
  • If your opponent has at least 19 stacks of Pestilence, they take 20% more damage.

The Pathfinder is an interesting build that revolves around Spikes and Pestilence. The more Pestilence you can give your opponent, the better. And giving yourself Spikes on top of that will only add to this plague crusade. Quickly inflicting 19 stacks of Pestilence will not only severely damage your opponent on its own, but they will receive even more damage on top of it. Brutal.

To achieve this, make sure to buy up as many Walrus Tusks and Pestilence Flasks as you can in the early game. With these, you can make Spiked Shields and Poison Daggers, although they’re effective in their own right. Purchasing the Spiked Whip and trying to make room for it will soar this build, as well as purchasing the Box of Riches.

The Box of Riches may give you Chipped Emeralds, which inflict extra Pestilence on your foe, so insert as many of them into your weapons as possible.

With a great Spikes and Pestilence build-up going, make sure to make room for the other usual essentials – armor, Healing Potions, food, and the like, to keep you formidable as reaching 19 stacks of Pestilence won’t happen right away.

There you have it – the best builds for the subclasses of the Ranger in Backpack Battles. Pick your favorite and go for it!

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