Best Spooky Games To Play This Fall
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10 best spooky cozy games to play in the fall

A little bit scary, a little bit cozy.

With the autumn season now upon us as the leaves turn orange and the air gets cold, many gamers like to shift into certain types of games. In celebration of Halloween, you may feel like diving into some spooky games. But not all spooky games have to be full of jump scares and terrifying horrors. Sometimes, even the coziest of gamers like to tap into the Halloween vibes. Here’s a list of 10 of the best spooky cozy games to play this fall season.

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10 best spooky cozy games for the Halloween and fall season

Best Spooky Games To Play This Fall Little Nightmares

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Little Nightmares

Whether you decide to play the first or second Little Nightmares, this is an excellent pick for a balance of scary and cozy. In the first title, you play as Six, a young girl with a yellow raincoat, who’s looking to escape the Maw. You’re a small person in a large world, and there are puzzles and adventures ahead.

Both games are extremely delightful, and if you don’t mind the creepy atmosphere of The Maw with its corrupted souls, try this out. With this pick, you not only get one game, but two, if you enjoy the first! There are also some DLCs, so consider getting the complete edition.

Best Spooky Games To Play This Fall Beacon Pines

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Beacon Pines

If you’d rather sit back and relax a little more than the previous entry, have you tried out Beacon Pines? This is a cozy yet creepy visual novel including adorable animal friends and whimsical storybook artwork. It literally feels like you’re immersed in an illustrated novel, since it’s set within a mysterious book.

You play as both the reader of the book, and Luka, the main character of the book. You must solve a mystery, uncover the truth, and discover different story paths within the book. I hadn’t heard of this game before doing my research for this article, and this is now on my list of games to play this fall.

Dredge Review Featured Image

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Dredge is an incredible indie hit for 2023, and you get to do everyone’s favorite pastime in any cozy game: fishing! Except this is a more Lovecraftian, spooky fishing game. You get to explore a set of islands with your boat, and during the day you can go fishing for normal and not-so-normal fish.

But once night comes, things start to get a little creepy. Uncover the secrets of a mysterious archipelago and immerse yourself in the daily life of a fisherman. It’s incredibly addicting, and is perfect for the autumn season if you’re not afraid of the open water.

Night In The Woods

Screenshot: Infinite Fall

Night in the Woods

Although this game has been out for awhile, it still carries a devoted fanbase. Night in the Woods is an adventure game with an autumnal atmosphere. As the leaves fall outside your window in real life, they do the same in this adorable game.

This is a story-rich game with a vibrant world and animal characters. You play as Mae Borowski, a college dropout returning home to Possum Springs. But things aren’t the same as when she left. There’s something in the woods, and you’ll want to figure out what. Night in the Woods has won many awards for visuals and narrative, so don’t ignore this pick.

Deaths Door

Screenshot: Acid Nerve

Death’s Door

If you’re looking for something more akin to an RPG, Death’s Door is an excellent choice. This action adventure game has an incredible art style that reminds me of spooky games, although this isn’t much of a horror title. You must reap the souls of the dead, which is your job as a Crow.

The combat is sharp and difficult, and you’ll explore this mysteriously bleak world beyond the Doors. It’s comedic, dark, but still has an endearing aesthetic. Any cozy gamer who also likes to enjoy combat-heavy games should try out Death’s Door.

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Best Spooky Games To Play This Fall Cozy Grove

Screenshot: Spry Fox LLC

Cozy Grove

Literally in the name, Cozy Grove is a cozy title indeed. But this Grove is a haunted, every-changing island. You’ve come to camp here in Cozy Grove as a Spirit Scout, as you explore, craft, decorate, and even go fishing! The landscapes and characters are all hand-drawn, reminiscent of watercolor or storybook illustrations.

Cozy Grove is a lot more on the relaxing side of a cozy game, and just like Animal Crossing, it runs in real time! So realistically, you could play this every day of the fall season, finding daily things to do, collect, and craft. It’s perfect if you’re not a fan of scary games, but you still want a touch of spooky vibes.

Luigis Masnion 3

Screenshot: Nintendo

Luigi’s Mansion 3

This Nintendo Switch exclusive is the third game in a beloved series. Instead of following one of Mario’s adventures, you play as the scaredy-cat brother Luigi as he’s stuck inside a gigantic haunted resort. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is all about the spooks, but it’s still highly adorable.

You, as Luigi, have a vacuum that can suck up ghosts you find. It’s incredibly fun to explore each room, figure out the puzzles, and destroy any ghost you come across. It’s also available to play in co-op, and even in multiplayer online modes!

Best Spooky Games To Play This Fall Wytchwood

Screenshot: Alientrap


If you liked the idea of Cozy Grove, this sort of has similar vibes. Wytchwood is an exploration, crafting adventure game set in a land of gothic fairytales and fables. The art style reminds me of paper crafts and pop-up books, with colorful visuals and a distinct aesthetic.

There’s a lot of magic to Wytchwood. Collect magical ingredients, brew enchantments, and meet many characters and creatures. You can also cast spells and sorceries to use on the world around you. Becoming an old witch of the woods is exactly the vibe you want for this fall season.

Call Of The Sea

Screenshot: Out of the Blue Games

Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea is a first-person puzzle adventure game set in the 1930s South Pacific. It’s a tale of love and mystery where you play as Norah, who has cross the ocean to find her missing husband. He was last seen on an expedition on a lush island, but not everything is as it seems.

If you’re looking for a game with casual exploration and fun puzzles, try out Call of the Sea. The atmosphere can become quite spooky, with its clever mysteries and dark environments. You won’t get the terrifying horrors here, but there are still enough creepy environments that’ll get you into the Halloween mood.

Dont Starve

Screenshot: Klei Entertainment

Don’t Starve

This is a classic older title with lots of replay-ability, so why not try it out this autumn? Don’t Starve is an open world survival and crafting game set in an unforgiving wilderness. Learn recipes of science and magic, while trying not to lose your sanity.

There’s no hand-holding in this game. You’ll discover strange creatures in the daytime, and learn the dangers of exploring at night. This is an incredible game that I still think about today, even though it came out over 10 years ago. And if you want to play this with a friend, try out Don’t Starve Together!

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