Best Starting Loadout In Nightingale
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Best starting loadout in Nightingale

For a good head-start.

Upon entering character creation, you’ll be met with a difficult choice. You need to choose a starting loadout, but which one is the best in Nightingale?

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Besides your usual difficulty setting, you can decide just how prepared your character will be when entering this dangerous open world. We’ll help you decide on the best option.

Nightingale: Which starting loadout is the best?

In total, there are four starting loadouts: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Extreme. They each come with its own outfits, and the differences lie within what type of gear you’ll be starting with. The best-starting loadout in Nightingale would probably be Medium, just because it gives you a nice bit of protection for someone who is probably learning how to play this game for the first time.

Some players love starting survival games with a challenge, which may lead them to pick Hard or Extreme. But someone who may prefer a more relaxing survival experience could choose Easy. It’s really up to you, but I’ve enjoyed playing with the Medium loadout. Here’s what each loadout comes with:

LoadoutEquipmentMain Attributes
EasyGear, Top, Bottom, Gloves, Shoes, and Pack.Maximum Health/Stamina: 7.5
Durability: 50
Resistances: 5.0%
MediumGear, Top, Bottom, Gloves, and Shoes.Maximum Health/Stamina: 5
Durability: 50
Resistances: 5.0%
HardHat, Gear, Top, Bottom, Gloves, ShoesMaximum Health/Stamina: 2.5
Durability: 50
Resistances: 1.0%

Extreme goes to the extreme by giving you no gear and leaving you in your undergarments. I’d only recommend this for players who are used to survival games and don’t mind the challenge. This goes the same for the Hard loadout. You still get a decent health/stamina boost, but you have pretty low resistance.

For the best loadout, it’s a toss-up between Easy and Medium. I figure that most players will find Easy too unchallenging, so I recommend Medium. If you only want to choose a loadout based on how fashionable the clothing looks, go right ahead. But be wary of the attributes you get with your set of gear. If you want to know what the Vaults are all about in Nightingale, read our guide.

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