Ark Survival Ascended The Center Base
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Best The Center base locations in Ark Survival Ascended

Home is where the dinos are.

The Center is a diverse and exciting map in Ark Survival Ascended, which makes it ripe for bases both beautiful and practical. Let’s go over the best I’ve found.

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Best base locations for The Center in Ark Survival Ascended

Here is a collection of the best base locations I could find in Ark Survival Ascended The Center. These either excel in practicality and/or aesthetics. So have a look and choose your favorite!

The Center Island base

I had to start with the Center Island. This island is so large that you could spring up a base atop it and/or inside it. The island is bursting with resources of all kinds, and it is only a short commute to grab the couple it’s lacking.

Ark Survival Ascended The Center Island Base
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can find the Center Island at these rough coordinates:

Latitude: 40
Longitude: 30

To get up to this island, you’ll need a flying mount, which will also help you scout the area for aggressive predators.

Despite the altitude, however, you’ll be competing with lots of other predators, so establishing this base will require some effort and firepower. But once it’s up, you’ll have a killer view.

Ark Survival Ascended The Center Island View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Rich with resources with some killer visuals, the floating Center Island makes a great base for any competent player.

Cliffside Cavern base

This has got to be my favorite The Center base location in Ark Survival Ascended. It’s huge and flat, providing you with lots of real estate, while also providing a great stretch of resources for you to plunder.

Ark Survival Ascended The Center Cliffside Cave Ruins
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Considering this cavern is rather open plan, there are a few ways of entering. You can walk in through the sides at the following coordinates:


Note that these aren’t the coordinates to the exact entry points of the cavern, but are the beginning of the long road you’ll need to trek down to eventually walk into the cavern.

Alternatively, you can swoop in from the large opening on the western side. The one responsible for this awesome view.

Ark Survival Ascended The Center Cliffside Cave View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you’re in, you can set up shop wherever you like. Oh, before you do, however, it’ll be worth picking up the Artifact that’s hidden in there.

One spot you may be interested in is the ruined temple on the north side. It may be a bit dilapidated, but I’m sure it’ll make a fine base.

Ark Survival Ascended The Center Cliffside Cave Base
Screenshot: PC Invasion

There may not be all sorts of resources available in the Cliffside Cavern, but a flying mount will make trips to the surface very easy.

Underground World base

From caverns to caves, the Underground World could become your next home. This one is pretty tricky to get into, however, and some of the entrances require SCUBA gear to get through.

Ark Survival Ascended Underground World Base
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You will find the above alcove at these coordinates:

Latitude: 40
Longitude: 50

To get into the rich Underground World, you’ll need to find one of the six entrances scattered around the jungle islands:

3Soon to comeSoon to come
4Soon to comeSoon to come
5Soon to comeSoon to come
6Soon to comeSoon to come

Note that one of the entrances are under water.

Ark Survival Ascended Underground World View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Underground World is huge, although I’d recommend the above region to build your base, thanks to the flat land and abundance of resources. Across the cave itself, you’ll find every resource you need, so you won’t need to make endless return trips to the surface.

Tropical Island base

Just because it’s an easy location, doesn’t mean that the Tropical Island isn’t a good spot for a base. Especially for starter bases.

Ark Survival Ascended Tropical Water
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This tropical island is a spawn point, and hosts the Blue Obelisk at these general coordinates:

Latitude: 51
Longitude: 74

There are plenty of resources to get you started, although you’ll need to go a little further afield for oil, crystals, silica, etc.

Ark Survival Ascended Tropical Base
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The island looks awesome and will set you up nicely without having to worry about too many predators.

Jungle Temple

Why build a base when you can move into one?

The Jungle Temple in the Jungle Islands provides a decent amount of space for a base should you want to move in. It has good interior and exterior planning, allowing for a dynamic home.

Ark Survival Ascended Jungle Temple Base
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You’ll find the ancient fortress at these coordinates:

Latitude: 46
Longitude: 51

Inside is a large and long hallway that’s fit for all of your base needs.

Ark Survival Ascended Jungle Temple View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Outside of the temple gives you plenty of space to build should you want to expand, although most bases will do just fine with the space provided.

The middle jungle island provides you with access to the Underground World and every resource that you’ll ever need, as long as you don’t mind trekking across it.

Snowy Glasslands base

I have to include a base on a large stretch of land on this list. The Snowy Grasslands stretches across almost the entire western side of the map and hosts the mountains over the Cliffside Cavern.

Ark Survival Ascended The Island Snowy Grasslands View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This specific location that I’m showing off can be found here:

Latitude: 26
Longitude: 15

The Snowy Grasslands is brimming with life and resources, but only in specific hotspots. There is an iceberg in the middle that has penguins and Oil Rocks, and most other resources can be found atop the two mountains at either extreme.

Ark Survival Ascended The Island Snowy Grasslands Base
Screenshot: PC Invasion

So I’d suggest you build your base between one of the mountains and the iceberg, to get good coverage.

Now that you know of a load of amazing base locations in The Center in Ark Survival Ascended, you can begin to collect the resources necessary to build upon the sites.

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