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Best units to use Emblem Veronica with in Fire Emblem Engage

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Veronica becomes available in Fire Emblem Engage after you’ve purchased the DLC pass for the game, and is an uncommon Emblem to have in your employ. Veronica, Emblem of Heroes, hails from the mobile gacha game Fire Emblem Heroes, and is a major character of the first book in that game. She has a unique skill or two up her sleeve and can be tricky to plan around. Therefore, here’s our guide on the best units to use Emblem Veronica with in Fire Emblem Engage.

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Fire Emblem Engage – What are the best units to pair with Emblem Veronica?

Magic units

Magical units will be useful to use Emblem Veronica due to Veronica’s Magic/Dexterity stat-boosting skill. This is always nice to have, and can make your magic users really go to the next level. 


Fogado in Fire Emblem Engage doesn’t have the highest Magic growth rate, but if his magic is high enough, he can do some massive magic damage. Equipping Fogado with the magic-based Radiant Bow can be devastating if he’s got enough Magic to make it work. This is only enhanced by Emblem Veronica, which increases Magic and Dexterity — two stats integral to this Fogado build — even higher. This also gives Fogado access to a Tome and healing staff while Engaged, and the Contract option can essentially make Fogado a second Dancer, which, even if the unit this is used on can’t move, is only a net positive overall.

Fire Emblem Engage Veronica Units

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Dragon Units

Dragon units can actually take extra advantage of Emblem Veronica’s Engage skills and attack. This is because Emblem Veronica’s Engage skill ‘Contract’ and Engage attack ‘Summon Hero’ have different effects when equipped to a unit who’s also a Dragon. Contract allows the user to grant a Str/Mag/Def/Res +2 to the ally you’re using Contract during this action. Summon Hero. on the other hand. allows Dragon units to summon a powerful unit instead of a normal unit. This means you can summon Emblems to your side as playable units in combat. 

Other unit Type Bonuses

As mentioned above, Emblem Veronica has a bunch of different Type Bonuses for different unit types. Let’s go over the ones that aren’t mentioned in this guide already. For Veronica’s Summon Hero, Backup units can grant the skill Dual Strike to the summoned unit. Cavalry units can also take advantage of a Type Bonus for this too, they grant a buff of Mov+1 to the summoned unit.

Veronica’s Contract skill also has some Type Bonuses to note. This includes one for Backup units which allows them to participate in Chain Attacks during ally’s action. The other Type Bonus for this skill is for Covert units, when you use this as a Covert unit, you grant Hit/Avo +30 to your ally.

Best Skills to inherit from Emblem Veronica in Fire Emblem Engage

Emblem Veronica is an intriguing Emblem in the grand scheme of things. She has the usual skills to inherit from her, like the Mag/Dex buff we’ve mentioned above, but she also has skills that help with grinding and when underleveled. ‘Level Boost’ is a skill that grants the user Level+1 until the end of a battle when defeating a foe that’s a higher level, up to a maximum of +3. This skill is handy for when you want to level up a new unit to bring into the fold.

The other great skill Veronica has is the ‘SP Conversion’ skill, which grants you +20 SP for every foe you defeat. This means that SP grinding can become incredibly easy to do. 

One last skill to mention here is the Reprisal skill. This skill grants a percentage of your lost HP to your Attack, if you’re not at full HP. This skill is extremely situational, but can be handy when used in tandem with Panette’s personal skill, Blood Fury, which gives her +10 Crit as long as her HP isn’t full. Using this skill synergy is very risky, but with high risk, comes high reward.

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