Earning Gems In Multiversus
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Best way to earn Gem XP in MultiVersus

Let's level up those gems.

In the PvE Rifts mode in MultiVersus, you’ll be earning Gems that you’ll use to enhance your abilities. These Gems can be leveled up to increase their abilities. Here’s the best way to do it.

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Every way to earn Gem XP in MultiVersus

You will earn either new Gems or Gem XP for Gems you currently have from rewards. As your Gems hit XP thresholds, they’ll level up, becoming more powerful. The higher level your Gems are, the more powerful you’ll become.

Gems and Gem XP are constant no matter what Rift or Rift level you’re tackling. However, certain Rifts will only allow certain Gems to be used. This is why higher difficulties force you to have a certain average Gem level before you can tackle them.

In my experience, there are several ways to earn Gem XP In MultiVersus.

First, you can simply buy some from the Rift Store for Gleamium. If you don’t wish to spend money on the game, you’ve got quite the grind ahead of you.

Gems In Multiversus
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You can earn Gem XP for free, however. Upon beating a stage for the first time, you’ll be awarded with Gem XP or a new Gem. The higher the difficulty, the more Gem XP you’ll be awarded. Note that you won’t earn any Gem XP for repeating Rift stages again.

Also in the Rifts, you’ll also earn Gems and Gem XP from hitting star milestones. Every stage has five challenges tied to them, and completing them will earn you stars. Every rewards milestone you hit will earn you more rewards. Naturally, you’ll need to complete every single Rift level challenge to earn all the rewards here.

You can also earn Gems and Gem XP from ACME Gem Boosters. These can be pretty generous and can be earned by completing Daily Missions and from the Battle Pass.

Now that we know of every way to earn Gem XP in MultiVersus, let’s go over the most efficient way to farm for Gem XP.

How to farm Gem XP in MultiVersus

As the only renewable way of getting Gem and Gem XP in MultiVersus is through the missions and Battle Pass, as they reset allowing you to earn them repeatedly, they are the most efficient way to get Gem XP.

Gem Booster Multiversus
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For a PvE mode, the Rifts are extremely grindy. Considering that all rewards in the Rift Mode are finite, and you need to level up certain Gem groups, it can become difficult and unpredictable to advance in the Rift that you want.

When relying on Daily rewards and Battle Pass Gem Boosters to give us the Gem XP we want, we may find ourselves unlucky as we get awarded a Gem type we don’t wish for.

Thankfully, you can focus on completing the Rift in all difficulties available to you to tap into as many finite and focused rewards as possible before you have to worry about grinding the Battle Pass or Daily missions.

Now that you know all about leveling up your Gems in MultiVersus, you should learn how to farm for the Fighter currency, too.

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