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Best way to get Hunter Tokens in Star Wars Hunters

"Hunters lead to battles, battles lead to tokens, tokens lead to Hunters." - Yoda, right?

The only free way to get new characters in Star Wars Hunters is through the Hunter’s Path. This path can only be progressed using Hunter Tokens, and aspiring players will want to know the best way to go about getting them.

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Every way to get Hunter Tokens in Star Wars Hunters

I have played quite a few matches of Star Wars Hunters Now, and I’ve been recording the Hunter Tokens I’ve received from each one. As no official data about Hunter Token acquisition rate has been released yet, all I can go off is how much I’ve been receiving from my matches.

The only way to get Hunter Tokens is after playing public matches, either casual or ranked. Be it a win or a loss, you’ll gain Hunter Tokens after the match, although you’ll get slightly more upon winning. Thankfully, the amount of Hunter Tokens you receive don’t scale with your performance.

Hunter's Path Star Wars Hunters
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After a casual win, I received 90 Hunter Tokens. After a casual loss, I received 60 Hunter Tokens.

Ranked matches do actually give you more Hunter Tokens than casual matches, as both of my ranked victories have given me 100 Hunter Tokens. I haven’t lost a ranked match yet (I’m just that good), but I’d wager you would receive 70 Hunter Tokens.

While ranked matches give you more Hunter Tokens, it’s only a very marginal increase, to reward those more competitive players but not leave the casual players out.

There is no other way to get Hunter Tokens in Star Wars Hunters, although you can always purchase the characters for Gems or money to get them early, sidestepping the need for Hunter Tokens.

Now that we know all the facts, let’s get into the farming methods.

Best Hunter Token farming method in Star Wars Hunters

Considering that ranked matches do get you more Hunter’s Tokens in victory or defeat, I’d say to muster up your bravery and head into some ranked matches.

Keep playing these ranked matches, as you’ll likely find you’re better than you think. As you rank up, you’ll face tougher opponents, and you may find yourself losing more than winning. At this point, it may be wise to switch to casual, as you should have a much higher win rate, netting you more Hunter Tokens than ranked defeats will.

Depending on your skill level, sitting in ranked victories for as long as possible will net you a lot more Hunter Tokens over time, potentially saving you many casual matches when you start to get outskilled.

It’s still a long process, but this method will save some time.

If you invite some friends, you’ll find that it’s much easier to get victories, especially in ranked, so maybe give that a shot, too.

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