Best weapons in Party Animals, ranked
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Best weapons in Party Animals, ranked

Rating the tools of the trade.

Party Animals brings many fresh ideas to the party genre that help it stand out against other titles. One of those is its varied arsenal of weapons, each offering a unique take on ranged or melee combat. As you may expect, weapons aren’t equal in Party Animals. A poor weapon choice can be the difference between winning a battle and getting hurled off the stage. With this in mind, let me show you the best weapons in Party Animals, ranked.

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Best weapons in Party Animals, Tier List

For those who want the TL;DR version, you’ll find the Tier List below. If you want to know why each weapon is graded as it is, check out my reasoning afterward. As with any Tier List, this is my opinion. If you find you’re a savant with Bombs or a natural with the Boomerang, your Tier List will likely differ.


  • Ice Blaster
  • Lollypop


  • Baseball Bat
  • Shovel
  • Pan
  • Tennis Racket
  • Hammer


  • Bomb
  • Spinach
  • Plunger


  • Boomerang
  • Nunchucks
  • Tazer


  • Crossbow
Best weapons in Party Animals, ranked

Image: PC Invasion

Tier List explained

Before you hunt me down with your Lollypops, here’s my reasoning for each placement.

S-Tier explained

Weapons in S-Tier are the cream of the crop. If they are available and you’re not going for them, you need a good reason not to.

Ice Blaster

The Ice Blaster is a terrifying weapon that does everything a Party Animal could want and more.

It’s a ranged weapon you can abuse from afar, and anyone you hit is encased in ice. As the ice is slippery, a single hit can make opponents slide off the map, giving you the win instantly. Most environmental hazards are lethal if you’re frozen, and there’s no counter-strategy. The Ice Blaster is the weapon you bring to lose friends and score easy wins.


Don’t underestimate the Lollypop because it’s in the tutorial. This melee weapon has a generous swing arc and can knock opponents about from a deceptive range. The swing is so wide, it can hit multiple opponents at once.

Considering its size, it’s not too slow either and can effortlessly fling animals in front of hazards or off the map. The Lollypop is a powerhouse, and you don’t need finesse to do great things with it.

A-Tier explained

A-tier weapons are ferociously strong and worth picking up in most situations. The only weapons you’ll replace these with are the gems in the S-tier.

Baseball Bat

The bat is a lightning-fast melee weapon. While it doesn’t boast the raw power of heavy options like the Lollypop, it’s forgiving, thanks to its speed. It’s also an absolute knockout machine. If you single out an unarmed opponent, they’ll be on the floor until you decide they can play again. The lack of range drops the Bat into A-Tier, but this homerun hero shouldn’t be underestimated.


While I don’t find the Shovel as consistent as the Lollypop, its wide swing is still devastating and capable of hurling opponents off the map. The swing makes it easy to turn around and hit enemies next to you and is very capable of knockouts. I prefer the Lollypop, hence the rating, but you can send your opponents to an early grave with the Shovel.


The Pan is another knockout machine like the bat. I found it a little harder to take down opponents, especially when surrounded. Still, the Pan is nasty up close and has an adorable paw print on it that’s sure to leave a mark.

Tennis Racket

The Tennis Racket boasts an enormous 360-degree swing that hits opponents around you. The force doesn’t seem to knock opponents out too often, but the knockback is brilliant, especially on stages with edges. I prefer knockouts as they are easy to convert into a throw, but the Racket is still deadly.


The Hammer has ridiculous knockback on its swing, and on many stages, that’s all you need to get wins. As I mentioned with the Racket, I prefer knockouts, but you can push swathes of enemies off of ledges and into hazards with the Hammer. That alone gives it a comfortable A-Tier rating.

Best weapons in Party Animals, ranked

Image: PC Invasion

B-Tier explained

Weapons in this tier are decent but have flaws you must work around to be effective.


The Bomb is a devastating throwable weapon balanced by its skill floor. As the Bomb has a timer, you must predict where your opponents will go and have decent aim with your throws. The potential reward is huge, but it’s inconsistent. In the right hands, the Bomb is a force to be reckoned with, but it’s easy to counter and requires planning to shine.


I’m calling the green tin Spinach until it has an official name! Spinach gives you fists of fury and enhances your basic attacks, making you a monster in hand-to-hand combat. I still prefer a weapon, but against unarmed opponents, you should easily win fights.


I may live to regret putting the Plunger in B-Tier as it’s so unusual, but hear me out. The Plunger isn’t a conventional melee weapon in Party Animals. Instead of hitting your opponent with the Plunger, you stick it to them. You can use the handle of the Plunger to drag your enemies around, and it lasts for a long time.

I couldn’t convert this into anything impressive, but the potential is there for massive plays, especially with a team.

C-Tier explained

These weapons have flaws you’ll need to work around for a payoff that may not be worth it. There’s still potential with practice, but you can do more for less with many other items.


The Nunchucks have potential as a melee weapon, but it evaporates when you knock yourself out with them. I expect a tool with a harsh penalty to be incredibly strong. I get that with the Bomb, but not so much here, hence the rating.


Putting the Boomerang so low pains me because it’s a cool weapon. Still, cool doesn’t equal results; in the Boomerang’s case, you’ll likely miss your opponent completely. The Boomerang follows a strange trajectory through the air, and even if it does collide with an opponent, you can rarely do anything with the follow-up.


If the Tazer zapped players you pointed it at, it would place much higher on the Tier List. As it stands, this weapon shoots out small batteries that fry opponents when they step near them. Unfortunately, the shock can also transfer to you, so follow-up attacks are problematic. The immobilizing effect is still strong but carries a lot of risk.

Best weapons in Party Animals, ranked

Image: PC Invasion

D-Tier explained

There’s only one weapon I feel is worthy of the lowest spot on the list. Drum roll, please.


I love the fast fire rate of the Crossbow; it’s just a pity that’s all it does. Crossbow bolts don’t seem effective in any situation. They stick to your opponent and look ridiculous, which might be the point. The Crossbow is a fun addition to Party Animals’ arsenal, but it’s ineffective, which ultimately lands it a place in the depths of D-Tier.

Maybe a master player will discover a Crossbow strategy in the future. Until that happens, I’m happy leaving the Crossbow on the ground.

Party Animals has some great weapons in its arsenal, and we will be sure to adjust the list if any balance patches drop — or new toys arrive and shake up the game. If you’re curious about Party Animals’ local multiplayer features, check out our guide.

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