Can you get to the Giant Tree in Palworld?

Giant Tree Palworld
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In Palworld, the Giant Tree can be always seen on the horizon. The closer we get, the more defined it becomes, and yet it remains always out of reach. Can we visit this tree? Or is it out of bounds?

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Getting to the Giant Tree in Palworld

To save you an arduous trip, no, we cannot yet get to the Giant Tree in Palworld.

Before you can reach it, a red barrier pops up, preventing further access. However, some players have managed to get past it with ‘a fast enough Nightwing’. They’ve even managed to build on it. If you wanted to visit the Giant Tree for yourself, then you’d need either a sea mount or a flying Pal to traverse over the ocean to the edge of the map.

Palworld Barrier
Image: ornirus

Any Pal would be recommended for this trip, although Jetragon is the fastest Pal in the game, so if you have one, you can saddle up and make the journey to the edge of the map a breeze. It doesn’t take that long anyway to get from the northern snowy island to the edge of the map, anyway.

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Why is the Giant Tree important in Palworld?

This tree is clearly super important for the story of Palworld. When we start the game, we are told by our Paldex that the Towers are the key, and that the Tree holds the truth. We must also remember that this is a work in progress game, and so future updates will hold a lot more content for us to rifle through.

It is my theory that the Giant Tree will host an incredible end-game reveal, and that it’s only accessed by defeating all of the Towers. Palworld may go the Ark Survival Evolved route and make it so the Tree is not only a means of escape, but will also reveal that the Palpagos Islands are part of an elaborate experiment.

Giant Tree Platform Palworld
Image: prototype_monkey

There are many other fan theories out there currently, and most of them involve the Giant Tree that remains on the other side of the world barrier. If it weren’t important, then why would they be dangling it in front of our faces like this?

Also, it’s been idealised that the Giant Tree will be the centre of a much larger and circular map. If true, this would mean that we’ve only accessed less than 25% of the complete map.

Now that you’re clued up about the Giant Tree in Palworld, why don’t you have a look at the trailer features we hope are coming soon to the game?