Palworld offline
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Can you play Palworld offline?

These Pals aren't playin'.

Almost everything is better with friends, including Palworld. However, sometimes it’s nice to just kick back, relax, and enslave Pals alone and offline. But can you play Palworld offline and away from the noise of it all?

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Playing Palworld offline

After a few complications with my internet, I discovered that Palworld doesn’t like it, but yes, Palworld can be played offline. You will need a brief connection to boot the game up and then one to save afterward. However, you can enjoy your playtime in-game without an internet connection.

How to play Palworld offline (mostly)

To get into Palworld without a constant internet connection, you will need to first turn the game on using an internet connection. You can briefly connect to a WiFi hotspot on your phone to boot the game and then switch it off. This means that fully offline play is still not available.

Can you play Palworld offline
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Once the game is loaded up, you won’t need a connection and can play in peace. Palworld will save locally, and it won’t need to talk to a server to function fully.

Once you want to switch the game off and save, you should connect to the internet again. This will allow the game to cloud-sync your progress. If you can’t reconnect, it’s not a huge problem. Palworld will just save locally and offline.

Can you play offline co-op?

There is no way to play Palworld co-op without an internet connection. Currently, the co-op capabilities are still quite limited, allowing only four players on one server simultaneously. However, as the game progresses through early access, the team at Pocketpair is looking to add much more.

As time goes on, we can expect to see versus modes, open-world warfare, and server sharing. The future looks bright for Palworld, but it also looks very online.

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