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Those within the Corsair and Elgato ecosystem are getting a boost in quality, as the peripheral company has announced a new software partnership with Nvidia. The agreement will see Nvidia Broadcast features become integrated into various Corsair and Elgato products such as Corsair iCue, Elgato Wave Link, and Elgato Camera Hub software.

The features will be available to those with various Nvidia graphics cards including the GeForce RTX 2060, Quadro RTX 3000, Titan RTX, and higher. Unfortunately, those with AMD cards won’t be able to utilize the Nvidia Broadcast elements within the software.


“With NVIDIA Broadcast integration, we’re adding to the powerful capabilities of iCUE and Elgato software to create a more professional gaming, streaming, and remote work setup,” said Thi La, president and COO of CORSAIR.

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Nvidia Broadcast brings quality to your streams

By bringing over Nvidia Broadcast, a number of Elgato and Corsair programs will offer deeper options for those who stream and capture content. Nvidia Broadcast utilizes developed AI for noise and echo cancellation on headsets and microphones. Tensor Core processors in the GeForce RTX GPU will have the software listen and learn to a user’s voice in order to separate them from ambient sounds happening around them. According to Nvidia and Corsair, Nvidia Broadcast remove “the need to sound-proof the walls and ceiling.”

Regarding video, Elgato Camera Hub will now offer users improved background effects such as blur, replacement, and removal. Utilizing the graphics card provides higher quality edge detection, Nvidia says.

“These AI tools empower creators with NVIDIA RTX GPUs to deliver even more amazing livestreams and videos,” said Jason Paul, vice president, GeForce platform marketing at NVIDIA.

If you’re looking to try out the new features, simply launching the software will see the options appear if your PC detects a compatible graphics card. In Elgato Camera Hub, a new tab will appear for users. In Corsair iCUE, a detected Corsair headset will prompt the installation of the NVIDIA Audio Effects SDK to add options to iCUE. Lastly, Elgato Wave Link offers a plug-in to download to take advantage of the AI-powered sound features inside your favorite capture software.

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