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Dead by Daylight The Unknown power, perks, and release date

The Unknown headlines Dead by Daylight's latest Chapter.

Chapter 31 of Dead by Daylight has been officially revealed as “All Things Wicked” and you can test out the newest Killer and Survivor on the PTB right now. The Unknown is the newest monstrosity to join Dead by Daylight, and this original Killer is one of the game’s scariest.

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First teased with a horrifying found footage clip of a camper getting attacked by the monster in their tent, The Unknown carries that creepiness into Dead by Daylight with a truly unique kit and unsettling animations that will keep Survivors on their toes. Patch 7.6.0 is shaking things up in interesting ways with new Survivor Perks and gameplay tweaks, but as always, the new Killer is the star of the show.

Dead by Daylight The Unknown Release Date

The Unknown officially releases in Dead by Daylight on March 12, 2024, alongside the start of Chapter 31. While All Things Wicked doesn’t go live until March, PC Dead by Daylight players can go hands-on with the new Killer and test out the update on the PTB right now.

As always, things are expected to change as the PTB continues and the community provides feedback on the new features, buffs, and nerfs, so expect a somewhat rocky experience if you jump into the PTB to test out The Unknown ahead of the official Chapter launch. There are only a few short weeks between the PTB launch and the official release of All Things Wicked, so patient players can wait until March 12 for a smoother experience.

The Unknown Killer Power and Abilities

The Unknown’s primary Power is a projectile called UVX. It’s charged by pressing the Power button, and once it’s ready, it can be released to create a Blast Area upon impact. Any Survivors unlucky enough to be caught in the attack’s radius will become Weakened, and if they get hit by the projectile while it’s still airborne, they’ll become Hindered.

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If a Weakened Survivor touches the Blast Area, they’ll lose health states. Survivors can remove their Weakened state by facing their fears and Staring Down The Unknown. Revealing yourself to a Killer is a risky strategy though, so exercise caution as always and make sure you have an escape route handy just in case.

The Unknown’s special ability allows it to create Hallucinations. These are fake versions of the monster that can be used to trick Survivors. Any Survivor that becomes Weakened or gets hit by The Unknown’s UVX projectile will reduce the next Hallucination’s spawn time by 10 seconds. Hallucinations can’t be created by The Unknown while charging UVX, performing actions, or while in proximity to map objects like hooks, however.

The Unknown can teleport to Hallucinations and leave behind a temporary Decoy as well, so the monster’s mobility makes it a powerful foe in Dead by Daylight matches. Survivors can remove Hallucinations with the Dispel ability, but Weakened Survivors will take longer to get rid of them. Failing to Dispel a Hallucination will Weaken a Survivor and trigger Killer Instinct, too.

The Unknown Perks

The Unknown’s playstyle revolves around Hallucinations and inflicting Weakness, so its Perks reflect that. Here are all three of the Perks available for The Unknown.

  • Unbound
    • This perk activates for 24/27/30 seconds after a Survivor becomes injured by any means.
    • After vaulting a window, you gain 5% Haste for 10 seconds. This effect cannot stack with itself.
  • Unforeseen
    • When you perform the Break action on a Generator, your Terror Radius transfers to the Generator for 22/26/30 seconds and its radius is set to 32/32/32 meters.
    • You gain Undetectable for that duration.
    • Then, this Perk goes on cool-down for 30/30/30 seconds.
  • Undone
    • When a Survivor misses a healing or repair Skill Check, gain 3 Tokens, up to a maximum of 18/24/30 Tokens.
    • When you perform the Break action on a Generator, if you have any Tokens, consume all of them. For each Token consumed, the Generator loses 1% total progress and then becomes blocked for 1 second.
    • Then, once the Generator is unblocked, it starts regressing.
    • This Perk goes on cooldown for 60 seconds.

In addition to The Unknown, the latest Chapter of Dead by Daylight introduces a new Survivor named Sable Ward and a new map called Greenville Square. The roster of DBD Killers continues to grow with every new Chapter, and existing characters continue to receive reworks and balance adjustments to keep them relevant as new characters join the game.

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