Diablo Iii Rebirth Explained Rebirth Warning
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Diablo 3′s introduction of Seasons created a divide between player characters. Since Seasons were introduced, players created either a Seasonal on non-Seasonal character. Of course, Seasonal characters enjoy all the Seasonal content, like the Season Journey and new mechanics, like Season 28’s Altar of Rites. Meanwhile, non-Seasonal characters enjoy the base game and that’s it. At the end of each Season, Seasonal characters automatically become non-Seasonal characters. Fortunately, there’s a way to perform the inverse of this process: Rebirth. However, Rebirthing a character comes with its own set of rules and stipulations. In this post, we’ll explain Rebirth in Diablo 3. 

Diablo 3 Rebirth explained

Rebirth lets you select one of your non-Seasonal characters and transform it into a Seasonal character. The character reduces back to level one and has all its gear stripped. Don’t worry; the game mails your character’s equipped gear to the rest of your non-Seasonal characters. However, this gear stays reclaimable for only 30 days from the time of mailing. Additionally, various accomplishments like crafting recipes, artisan levels, achievements, and stash tabs also revert to those of a fresh character. Essentially, you’re starting over with a new character, keeping your name and time played.

Diablo Iii Rebirth Explained Rebirth Option

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If there’s a character you’re particularly attached to from a previous Season, Rebirth them for the next Season.

Can you undo a Rebirth?

The short answer is no: Rebirths cannot be undone. Use caution when deciding on a Rebirth since Blizzard Customer Support can’t help if you Rebirth the wrong character.

How many Rebirths per Diablo 3 Season?

Only up to three characters can Rebirth each Season. If you want to Rebirth more, wait until next Season. Alternatively, just wait for Diablo IV

Which characters are not eligible for Rebirth?

Any Hardcore characters who died are not eligible for Rebirth.

Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls are available on Battle.net.

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