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Diablo 4 A Gift of Robes walkthrough: How to complete and find Telan

I hope you like Helltides.

Struggling to find Telan or reach Honor Rank 5 in Diablo 4‘s A Gift of Robes quest? This guide walks you through the Seasonal quest from start to finish, including how to rank up with the Iron Wolves and track down Telan in the Fractured Peaks.

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How to complete A Gift of Robes in Diablo 4 Season 4

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The first step in Diablo 4’s A Gift of Robes quest is to reach Honor Rank 5 with the Iron Wolves. To reach Honor Rank 5, you’ll need to participate in Helltide Zones to earn Wolf’s Honor.

As of Season 4, Helltides are available in all World Tiers and last 55 minutes with a 5-minute break between spawns. If you’re eager to move on with the Seasonal Questline, check out our guide on the best ways to earn Wolf’s Honor in Diablo 4.

How to find Telan in Fractured Peaks

Telen Pine Passage Location Diablo 4
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Once you’ve reached Honor Rank 5, speak to Soudeh at the Iron Wolves Encampment, who will ask you to search for Telan in Fractured Peaks. To find Telan, you first need to enter Pine Passage near the Statue of Lilith southeast of the Yelesna Waypoint.

Enter Pine Passage near the statue and make your way through the area until you find Telan, who’s now a Hellborne. Surprise! With the number of Helltides you’ve done to get here, Telan is a piece of cake to defeat and won’t cause you any trouble.

With the corrupted Telan put to rest, click on the items at the campsite to hunt for clues on the strange happenings with the Iron Wolves. Return to Soudeh at the Iron Wolves Encampment to complete A Gift of Robes.

You’ll receive some mediocre rewards and move straight on to the final quest of Diablo 4 Season 4, which requires you to reach Honor Rank 9. Thankfully, there are some awesome rewards to earn with the Iron Wolves for your efforts, including Temper Manuals, cosmetics, and even Uniques.

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