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Diablo 4 Ebonpiercer Necromancer Unique: How to get and best builds

Upgrade your Blight skill, now.

Other than the boost to experience points, Diablo 4 has introduced new and powerful Uniques for our favorite class, Necromancer — yes, I speak for everyone. Here is how to get the Ebonpiercer Necromancer Unique in Diablo 4 and its best build.

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How to get the Ebonpiercer Unique in Diablo 4

As you might expect after reading the title of this article, the Ebonpiercer is an exclusive Unique for the Necromancer class, recently introduced in Season 4: Loot Reborn. Similar to other Uniques, the Ebonpiercer amulet can be dropped by enemies or looted from treasure chests in the game.

Since this is a new Ancestral Unique, it will only drop when playing in World Tier 3 or 4, and you can farm it by completing Legions, Nightmare Dungeons, or defeating World Bosses.

How To Get The Flameweaver Unique In Diablo 4 Grigoire
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However, you can also get the Ebonpiercer if you face and defeat Grigoire, the Galvanic Saint. He is one of the many endgame bosses you can find in the game and, among its loot pool, you will be able to find the Ebonpiercer if you are lucky enough. He is found inside the Hall of the Penitent, in the Dry Steppes region and you will need the following materials to summon him:

World Tier 3World Tier 4Torment Grigoire
2x Living Steel: Found in Helltides by opening chests or defeating Hellborne and Treasure Goblins, as drops after defeating World Bosses, inside World Event Chests or Whisper Caches.5x Living Steel15x Living Steel

2x Stigyian Stone
: Obtained inside The Pit chests after clearing it.

Diablo 4: Ebonpiercer Unique effects and best build

Diablo 4 Ebonpiercer Unique
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ItemStatsUnique Effect
Ebonpiercer+25.0% Resistance to All Elements
+[12.5 – 19.5]% Shadow Damage Over Time
[5.0 – 12.0]% Damage Reduction from Shadow Damage Over Time-Affected Enemies
[9.5 – 16.5]% Essence Cost Reduction
+[10.5 – 17.5]% Movement Speed
Blight also shoots 4 smaller projectiles that pierce enemies and deal [300 – 900] Shadow damage over 3 seconds.

Given how the Ebonpiercer provides projectile damage when using Blight — one of the Necromancer’s skills — I would strongly suggest using it with the Necromancer Blight Minions build, which so happens to be one of the best builds for Diablo 4 Season 4. Pick up Blight and Blight Corpse Explosion along with the Shadowblight Key Passive. Also, try to pick up the Ring of the Sacrilegious Soul Unique.

That way, you will be able to shoot your Blight at enemies, boosted by the Shadowblight passive, which will also boost the Blight Corpse Explosion skill. The lattermost will activate automatically thanks to the Unique effect of the Ring, meaning that you will end up with a sea of Blight across the map, ensuring that your enemies will get destroyed with overwhelming shadow damage. Not even the newest endgame boss, Andariel, will be able to match the might of your skill and that of your Minions.

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