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The Diablo 4 Early Access Open Beta is here, and players across the world are creating characters, smashing wargs, and starting their journey to save Sanctuary once again. However, this is still a beta, and no beta is complete without minor bugs and errors. One particularly annoying error boots players back out to the main menu. Fortunately, we can explain error code 316719 in the Diablo 4 beta and if you can fix it.

Diablo 4 Beta error code 316719 explained

If you’ve been playing the beta, you’ve likely created your character, explored a few dungeons, and leveled up some. Of course, error code 316719 has probably reared its ugly head once or twice. While its exact causes are still unknown, there seems to be a heavy connection between the error and leveling up your character.

Additionally, since so many people are trying to play the beta, the servers are flooded with massive amounts of connections. Leveling up seems to trigger the error, but the underlying cause is likely overworked servers.

Diablo 4 Beta Error Code 316719 Level Up

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Are there ways to fix Diablo 4 Beta error code 316719?

So what can you do? Unfortunately, there really isn’t much players can do about this besides wait for the servers to calm down or for Blizzard to put out some hotfixes. This will likely be frustrating, as the beta lasts only a limited time.

There is a silver lining here, however. Error codes are popping up early in the beta cycle, meaning there should be a lot more time to enjoy Diablo 4 if they get resolved quickly. Additionally, Blizzard is hosting another Open Beta next weekend on March 24 at 9 AM PT. Hopefully, Blizzard will have some of these errors ironed out by then.

That’s everything we know about error code 316719 in the Diablo 4 Beta. For more info on Blizzard’s massive new action RPG, check out our piece on everything we know about the game itself.

Diablo 4 is available for pre-order on Battle.net. The game releases June 6.

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