Diablo 4 What Carries Over Between Characters
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Diablo 4: What carries over between characters? Weapons and armor, Stash, transmog, and more

What will you lose?

With each new Season of Diablo 4, players must create a new character to participate in seasonal activities. This means you’ll probably be picking a new class and playstyle every three months. If leaving behind your beloved character upsets you, don’t worry, because certain things carry over. We’ll explain what exactly carries over between characters in Diablo 4.

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Which things carry over between characters in Diablo 4?

As soon as you create your fresh character for a new Season, you’re probably wondering what you’ll bring over from past characters. What things carry over between characters in Diablo 4 is campaign completion, map exploration, challenges, certain Renown, and transmogs.

Confusingly, there have been some information online that says your Stash and Gold will carry over. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be true, unless some players are getting those carried over while others aren’t. But from what I have seen, and what my fellow writers have witnessed, you won’t get your old character’s Gold or Stash, alongside all the gear and Gems inside the Stash.

Diablo 4 What Carries Over Between Characters Season

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The things that we surely know you get is listed above. First off, if you’ve already completed the story campaign, you can have your Seasonal character skip the campaign. But if you didn’t finish the campaign, that progress won’t carry over to your new character.

Another few things that carry over are certain things under Region Progress. The Fog of War on your map exploration stays, alongside all the Alters of Lilith you discovered. The Renown solely from those Alters carry over, but you’ll have to take back all the Strongholds. The main Waypoints stay, while you’ll have to discover any Waypoints that aren’t in main towns. You also keep your challenges, which means your titles carry over.

Diablo 4 What Carries Over Between Characters Wardrobe Transmog

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The good news is that transmog looks you salvaged from your old character carry over. This means that once you have a gear item, you can go right to the Wardrobe and change your looks. Also, you get your Mount again—if you unlocked it on your previous character—alongside all the Mount Armor and Trophies you unlocked.

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