Elvish Quarter In Return To Moria
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Do Elven Trees respawn in Return to Moria?

Trees grow... right?

In the Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, you’ll come across the need for Elven Wood pretty early on in the game. You may assume that they regrow after a certain amount of time, like in other games. But is this the case?

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Elven Wood is a very valuable resource in the early game and blocks your progression, so you’ll want to know if the supply is limited.

Do Elven Trees regrow in Return to Moria?

Generally in video games, after a certain amount of time trees regrow. You may have assumed the same principle applies to Return to Moria, especially with the Elven Trees that only seem to grow in the limited Elven Quarter.

However, many players have expressed that their Elven Trees do not grow back, and I’ve realised that all the Fungal Trees in the Lower Deeps that I’ve carelessly destroyed weeks ago have yet to grow back. It seems that trees do not seem to regrow at all in Return to Moria.

Elven Trees In Return To Moria
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Interestingly, this makes all wood sources limited, although ores and stones are renewable. Funny.

Thankfully, you don’t need an infinite supply of Elven Wood. The weapons they make will never get destroyed, and the full amount of Elven Wood will drop if any utilities with it gets broken. The only way for you to run out is if you decide to lose all of your weapons.

Nevertheless, the community is wanting for a patch, or the addition of saplings to fix this.

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How to get even more Elven Wood in Return to Moria

If you do wish to have an infinite supply of Elven Wood in Return to Moria, then there is a way. Seeming as you can have numerous characters and numerous worlds, you can create a new Moria and explore it with your existing character.

Go straight to the Elven Quarter, which won’t take you too long, and you can import from that world all the Elven Wood you wish. So technically, although Elven Wood is a limited resource, it’s also infinite.

I hope this has helped, fellow Dwarves, and that the answer hasn’t been too disappointing.

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