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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Affinity guide: All NPC likes and favorite gifts

Raise your Affinity with various NPCs.

There’s a hidden relationship mechanic in Dragon’s Dogma 2 where you can raise Affinity with major characters and random NPCs alike, even romancing some of them if you manage to strengthen your bond enough.

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The Affinity system is obtuse and hard to understand without a guide just like it was in the first game, but the general idea still remains the same. If you want someone to like you, you have to do their quests and shower them with gifts. Every NPC has different tastes though, so you’ll want to give that special someone something they like instead of something they hate.

How to Give Gifts in Dragon’s Dogma 2

To give a gift to an NPC in Dragon’s Dogma 2, just hold the O/B button on PlayStation/Xbox to talk to them. While they’re speaking, press the Square/X button to open the gift menu. You can repeat this as many times as you like and give anything in your inventory to the person you’re talking to. Make sure to give them something nice, though, otherwise your Affinity score could go down as a result.

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Some gifts, like a Bunch of Flowers, will raise your Affinity score with a person no matter what their tastes are. These items are rare, so make sure to hang onto them and wait for the right person if you find any. Remember that items can decay in Dragon’s Dogma 2 as well, so that Bunch of Flowers could turn into Dried Flowers sooner than you think.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Item Types Explained

Each item in Dragon’s Dogma 2 falls into a certain category that will determine if an NPC likes it or not. Generally, these categories can be broken down into a handful of item types.

  • Adorable: Fruits and Flowers
  • Beautiful: Flowers and Ore
  • Expensive: Gemstones and Valuables
  • Fancy: Rare Potions, Uncommon Monster Drops, and Spellbooks
  • Interesting: Weapons, Armor, and Monster Drops
  • Rare: Uncommon Monster Drops

Here are some specific examples of gifts that fit each category.

CategoryItem Examples
AdorableApple, Cranberry, Fig, Quince, Sunbloom, Golden Trove Beetle
BeautifulCopper Ore, Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Copperstone, Southron Iron
ExpensiveGold Ore, Fuligin Ore, Dappled Ore, Copperstone, Southron Iron, Panacea, Parching Concoction
FancyFulgurous Lord, Hiemal Euphony, Thunderous Concord, Emergent Vitality, Allheal Elixir, Magick Medal, Ogre Talon, Ogre Spur, Griffin Pinion, Great Griffin Claw, Camping Kits
InterestingSmall Fang, Monster Fang, Redwolf Fang, Monster Hide, Asp Toxiscale, Rattler Rockscale, Knacker Horn, Goblin Horn, Ogre Talon, Ogre Spur, Harpy Pinion, Poison Pinion, Putrid Gold Tooth, Jasper, Onyx, Tiger Eye, Weapons, Armor
RareWakestone Shard, Wyrmslife Crystal, Misshapen Eye, Magick Medal, Great Griffin Claw, Griffin Pinion, Spurious Wing

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All NPC Likes and Dislikes in Dragon’s Dogma 2

NPCLocationLiked Item Types
AbbaFlamebearer PalaceBeautiful, Fancy
AbelHarveInteresting, Expensive
AbrahamVernworthInteresting, Expensive
AccardoBorderwatch OutpostFancy, Expensive
AchilleVernworthInteresting, Expensive
AdelinaVernworthAdorable, Beautiful
AdibBakbattahlInteresting, Expensive
AdreaBakbattahlExpensive, Rare
AgatheVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
AimeeVernworthAdorable, Expensive
AkheemVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
AlbertVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
AlessaAlways on the moveExpensive, Rare
AlexVernworthInteresting, Fancy
AlexanderVernworthIneresting, Fancy
AlexandraBakbattahlBeautiful, Fancy
AllardVernworthInteresting, Expensive
AngusAlways on the moveInteresting, Fancy
AnthonyBorderwatch OutpostInteresting, Fancy
AriadneVernworthAdorable, Beautiful
AudraAlways on the moveAdorable, Beautiful
AuriolVernworthInteresting, Expensive
BartonVernworthInteresting, Fancy
BenedictVernworthInteresting, Fancy
BentonVernworthInteresting, Fancy
BermudoAlways on the moveInteresting, Fancy
BernallVernworthInteresting, Fancy
BernsteinHarveInteresting, Fancy
BjornVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
BlytheAlways on the moveInteresting, Fancy
BrandonBorderwatch OutpostInteresting, Fancy
BrantVernworthInteresting, Fancy
BrendaVernworthBeautiful, Expensive
BurnnsVernworthExpensive, Rare
CanabellaNameless VillageExpensive, Rare
CelicaAlways on the moveBeautiful, Fancy
CelinaVernworthAdorable, Beautiful
ChandlerHarveInteresting, Fancy
CharleyVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
ClovisVernworthAdorable, Beautiful
CraggVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
DahliaBorderwatch OutpostBeautiful, Fancy
DajielMelveInteresting, Expensive
DamienBorderwatch OutpostInteresting, Fancy
DaphneVernworthAdorable, Expensive
DeanVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
DelphinVernworthInteresting, Fancy
DianaVernworthAdorable, Beautiful
DisaVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
DominigoAlways on the moveInteresting, Fancy
DonaldAlways on the moveBeautiful, Fancy
DonovanVernworthInteresting, Expensive
DudleyVernworthInteresting, Fancy
DullesAlways on the moveBeautiful, Fancy
DylanVernworthInteresting, Fancy
EddaVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
ElenaVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
EmoaVernworthAdorable, Beautiful
EnriqueBorderwatch OutpostInteresting, Fancy
EternnaVernworthBeautiful, Expensive
ElyreNameless VillageAdorable, Beautiful
FeithNameless VillageBeautiful, Fancy
FelixAlways on the moveInteresting, Expensive
FiachraVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
FiskaExcavation SiteInteresting, Expensive
FlaudeNameless VillageExpensive, Rare
FloraVernworthAdorable, Expensive
FrantzVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
FrioVernworthInteresting, Fancy
FyoranHarveInteresting, Fancy
GalladAlways on the moveInteresting, Fancy
GargantAlways on the moveInteresting, Fancy
GarrettVernworthInteresting, Fancy
GeorgeVernworthInteresting, Fancy
GideonAlways on the moveInteresting, Fancy
GlennaVernworthBeautiful, Expensive
GlyndwrSacred ArborBeautiful, Fancy
GodricVernworthInteresting, Fancy
GregorBorderwatch OutpostInteresting, Fancy
GustavoVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
GwenVernworthAdorable, Beautiful
HarveyVernworthFancy, Expensive
HaymishVernworthInteresting, Fancy
HeraldVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
HildaVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
HollisVernworthInteresting, Fancy
IanMelveBeautiful, Fancy
JamesVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
JehanCheckpoint Rest TownInteresting, Fancy
JenniferrVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
JessikaVernworthAdorable, Beautiful
JhoVernworthInteresting, Fancy
JimmiVernworthInteresting, Fancy
JoelVernworthInteresting, Fancy
JohannesVernworthInteresting, Fancy
JonasHarveExpensive, Rare
JonathanMelveInteresting, Expensive
JoseBorderwatch OutpostInteresting, Expensive
JosephineVernworthAdorable, Beautiful
JoshuaBorderwatch OutpostBeautiful, Fancy
JustinnBorderwatch OutpostInteresting, Fancy
KassandraBorderwatch OutpostBeautiful, Fancy
KeltseVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
KendrickVernworthExpensive, Rare
KinnoAlways on the moveAdorable, Beautiful
KlarkVernworthExpensive, Rare
KlausVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
KurtisVernworthInteresting, Fancy
LandarVernworthInteresting, Fancy
LawrenceVernworthInteresting, Expensive
LennartMelveInteresting, Expensive
LepakNameless VillageFancy, Expensive
LevramNameless VillageInteresting, Fancy
LindsayVernworthAdorable, Beautiful
LiotteBorderwatch OutpostInteresting, Fancy
LitraNameless VillageAdorable, Expensive
LottieVernworthAdorable, Beautiful
LubomirVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
MalcolmVernworthFancy, Expensive
MannaNameless VillageBeautiful, Fancy
MargaretVernworthAdorable, Expensive
MargitVernworthAdorable, Beautiful
MargotBorderwatch OutpostBeautiful, Fancy
MargusVernworthInteresting, Fancy
MarielleVernworthExpensive, Rare
MarietteAlways on the moveBeautiful, Fancy
MarjoryVernworthAdorable, Beautiful
MartinVernworthInteresting, Fancy
MiaMelveBeautiful, Fancy
MidnaVernworthExpensive, Rare
MildredVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
MisshaVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
MondaineNameless VillageExpensive, Rare
MonetVernworthBeautiful, Expensive
MonikaVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
MosseVernworthInteresting, Expensive
NarrougaAlways on the moveBeautiful, Fancy
NiannVernworthInteresting, Expensive
NikkVernworthInteresting, Fancy
NirvaneVernworthAdorable, Beautiful
NorbertMelveBeautiful, Fancy
NormanVernworthInteresting, Fancy
OskarCheckpoint Rest TownBeautiful, Fancy
OswaldVernworthInteresting, Fancy
OttoVernworthInteresting, Fancy
OutenaVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
PaolaAlways on the moveBeautiful, Fancy
PateVernworthInteresting, Fancy
PhaesusFlamebearer PalaceInteresting, Fancy
PhilbertVernworthInteresting, Expensive
PhillBorderwatch OutpostBeautiful, Fancy
PhillippeVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
PrestonVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
RachelVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
RaulVernworthExpensive, Rare
RebekkaVernworthExpensive, Rare
RentonAlways on the moveAdorable, Beautiful
RichardHarveInteresting, Fancy
RickVernworthFancy, Expensive
RittonVernworthInteresting, Fancy
Rivage ElderHarveExpensive, Rare
RobertVernworthExpensive, Rare
RoddieVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
RoderickVernworthInteresting, Fancy
RomuleNameless VillageBeautiful, Fancy
RosyNameless VillageBeautiful, Fancy
RowanAlways on the moveInteresting, Fancy
RunneMelveInteresting, Fancy
RyukaVernworthExpensive, Rare
SachattVernworthExpensive, Rare
SalvatoreVernworthExpensive, Rare
SanchenAlways on the moveBeautiful, Fancy
SandraVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
ScarlettVernworthAdorable, Beautiful
SebastianVernworthFancy, Expensive
SegnythVernworthInteresting, Fancy
SerraVernworthAdorable, Expensive
ShakirVernworthInteresting, Expensive
ShellieBorderwatch OutpostBeautiful, Expensive
SiegvaltVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
SigurdHarveInteresting, Fancy
SilasVernworthInteresting, Fancy
SiobhanAlways on the moveAdorable, Beautiful
SoniaVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
SrailNameless VillageFancy, Rare
StanleyMelveBeautful, Rare
StephenVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
SvenVernworthFancy, Expensive
TalibVernworthBeautifull, Fancy
TarkoffBorderwatch OutpostInteresting, Fancy
ThedVernworthFancy, Expensive
ThomVernworthInteresting, Fancy
ThurstonVernworthInteresting, Fancy
ToddVernworthInteresting, Fancy
TorgNameless VillageExpensive, Rare
TristanMelveInteresting, Fancy
UlrikaMelveAdorable, Beautiful
UrsulaVernworthAdorable, Beautiful
VanessaMelveBeautiful, Fancy
VeronikaVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
VinseMelveInteresting, Fancy
ViolaVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
VlasiyVernworthInteresting, Expensive
WaldharVernworthExpensive, Rare
WalterVernworthInteresting, Fancy
WarrickBorderwatch OutpostBeautiful, Fancy
WendyNameless VillageAdorable, Beautiful
WilhelminaVernworthAdorable, Beautiful
WillardVernworthInteresting, Fancy
ZeltasNameless VillageBeautiful, Fancy
ZennanVernworthInteresting, Fancy
ZettraVernworthBeautiful, Fancy
ZoranHarveInteresting, Fancy

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