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Fallout London: Release date, features, size, and more

Fallout London is around the corner. Get ready.

Fallout London, a Fallout 4 mod, has been in development for years, and it’s finally coming to a head now. Anticipating the (hopefully) upcoming release, here is everything you will need to prepare yourselves for the mod’s release.

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The Fallout franchise has such a rich story, but it does leave everyone wondering what the world’s like outside of the USA. Fallout London intends to provide an insight into what became of the United Kingdom when the bombs dropped.

Fallout London release date

Fallout London was initially set to release on April 23, 2024 – on St. George’s day. A cultural day for the British, and an important date for the game (Fallout London begins on that day in-game). However, this was pushed back as Bethesda announced a next-gen update for April 25, which would break the game’s systems only two days after launching.

Fallout London Staute
Image: Team Folon

Team Folon has had to fix and tweak the game right before it was set to release – something that’s gutted the developers and community.

However, it isn’t Team Folon that we are all waiting on. The other modded systems that Fallout London used have all broken too, and those other teams of modders need to fix them on their own time.

If we’re fortunate, those systems may get fixed on day one, which would mean that Fallout London can be released on April 26. However, it could take a week. It could even take a month – or longer. It isn’t ideal, but there’s nothing that we or Team Folon can do about it.

Team Folon will doubtlessly update everyone when the game can be launched, and they’ll likely release it immediately – they’re as excited as we are.

Fallout London features

To brush up on why everyone’s excited about Fallout London, let’s go over all the features we can expect to see and play with.

Fallout London Ghouls
Image: Team Folon

Fallout London isn’t just a mod to Fallout 4, it is an entire rework. A new map, new factions, new weapons, new enemies, new stories, new everything. Naturally, it’s based in London, with a rough map size comparable to Fallout 4’s Commonwealth and Far Harbour combined.

Fallout London begins in 2237, between the events of Fallout and Fallout 2, and 50 years before Fallout 4.

There are new factions, weapons, and enemies, and it takes place in a condensed London. There is also a new story for you to dive into. So you’re essentially in for a whole new game.

New factions you can expect to face are:

  • The Gentry
  • Tommies
  • 5th Column
  • Camelot
  • Isle of Dogs Syndicate
  • Vagabonds
  • Angel

These factions very unique and different, and interlink in exciting ways.

Fallout London Enemy
Image: Team Folon

There isn’t a complete list of all the new enemies and weapons in the game, but there will be many. As it’s set in England, there won’t be as large of an arsenal as in Fallout 4, but there will be enough setting-appropriate weapons to enjoy.

To get a taste of what to expect, have a look at all the mini mods, called releases, that Team Folon have released to add some of the items into Fallout 4 ahead of the mod’s release.

Fallout London size and requirements

To play Fallout London, you’ll need the free space and to meet the requirements.

Fallout London Lion
Image: Team Folon

The game is around 30 to 40GB, which is hardly surprising considering it’s such an ambitious project. Your PC will simply need the extra space – and ideally more – to install Fallout London.

For the mod to work in the first place, however, you’ll need to have Fallout 4 and all DLCs installed. Team Folon has stated that they won’t make a lite version, as it’ll require a whole rework of their systems for those without the DLCs.

Also, this mod won’t be available for console players, as it’s simply too large.

How to install Fallout London

It currently is unclear exactly how we’ll be able to install Fallout London. Due to the mod’s gargantuan size, it won’t be available on Nexus Mods.

We’ll likely have to manually install Fallout London, although the project manager, Dean Carter, has stated that the game should work through GOG’s and Steam’s mod systems as long as you own the game on any of those platforms.

When the game releases, I’m sure there’ll be assistance to the players, as Team Folon is trying its hardest to accommodate the non-modding community. So we can expect lots of support and help for the clueless (myself included).

Despite being a mod, it may well become one of the greatest Fallout games.

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