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Terrain mechanics in Fire Emblem have become a series tradition. It is one of the ways designers make each map different. By adding different terrain effects to each map, every map feels like it has a multiple different ways of being approached. One of these mechanics is known as terrain bonuses. These add certain stats to the unit placed on the tile and increase their chances of avoiding an attack, or even healing every turn. This is the same in Fire Emblem Engage, with these terrain mechanics littered across the map, one can be left wondering: What do they even do? To help you answer that question, here is our guide explaining all the terrain bonuses for Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage: All terrain bonuses explained

Fire Emblem Engage Thicket Terrain Bonus

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Fire Emblem Engage has numerous terrain bonuses that can help you turn the tide of battle. Let’s go over them.

Avoid rate terrain bonuses

One of the terrain bonuses in Fire Emblem Engage is an Avoid rate boost. The tiles that do this are as follows:

  • Thicket: +30 Avo
  • Woods: +30 Avo
  • Pillars: +30 Avo

These terrain tiles purely raise your Avoid rate. This means when you station a unit on these tiles, they will have a higher chance of avoiding attacks by oncoming attackers. Units that also have the Covert tag, which is listed next to their class tag, have a double Avoid rate boost from terrain tiles. So make sure to use Covert units on tiles that grant the Avoid rate terrain bonus.

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Healing terrain bonuses

Another one of the terrain bonuses in Fire Emblem Engage is healing. On these tiles, if you place a unit there and is able to heal, they will gain HP every turn. There is only one tile in the game that only heals you, and this tile is:

  • Heal Tile: +10 HP per turn

This terrain bonus is pretty self-explanatory, but every turn your unit is on this tile, they will receive a heal of 10 HP per turn.

Fire Emblem Engage Protection Tile Terrain Bonuses Guide

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Avoid rate and healing terrain bonuses in Fire Emblem Engage

The final kind of terrain bonus in Fire Emblem Engage offer more than one buff. These tiles basically combine the terrain bonuses and grant you both of the terrain bonuses from this guide in one tile. The tiles that have this terrain bonus in Fire Emblem Engage are:

  • Protection Tile: +30 Avo, heal 10 HP per turn
  • Fort: +30 Avo, heal 10 HP per turn

These are also relatively easy to understand if you’ve grasped the other kinds of terrain bonuses. These tiles, when you place a unit on them, grants the unit the Avoid rate and healing mentioned above in one tile. If you place a Covert unit on these tiles, it will double their Avoid rate boost and also heal.

Forts are also a relatively important tile to claim on maps, too. This is because enemy reinforcements can spawn through them, which is never a good thing. But you can stop that as long as you have a friendly unit placed on the Fort tile. So make sure to keep an eye on Forts while you play Fire Emblem Engage.

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Fire Emblem Engage is available for purchase on the Nintendo Store.

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