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In Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll explore the land of Elyos and meet with 12 powerful Emblems on your way to defeat the Fell Dragon, Sombron. It will be a grueling journey, or a relatively mild one, depending on choices you make at the start. Here is our guide to the difficulty levels in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage difficulty levels explained

When you begin a new file, you must choose from three available settings: Normal, Hard, and Maddening. After that, you can only ever decrease the difficulty. Once you lower the difficulty, that change is permanent. You’ll have to start a new file if you want to play on a higher setting.

The ferocity of your adversaries and the freedom to rewind turns are the primary differences between the difficulty settings. On the Normal setting, you can make unlimited use of an item known as the Draconic Time Crystal. It can undo any mistakes you make, going back several phases. On the Hard and Maddening settings, you are limited to 10 uses.

Fire Emblem Engage Draconic Time Crystal

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When you choose a higher difficulty setting, more enemies swarm the battlefield. Their levels also increase compared to yours. You’ll need to work harder to strengthen your warriors so they can survive attacks. The classes you choose, the weapons you equip, and the items you carry all matter more. Every mistake is costly.

If you began your adventure on a higher setting and find yourself unable to proceed, don’t worry — you’re not stuck. Simply visit the bed in Alear’s room and lower the difficulty. Alear’s chambers are accessed from the second floor balcony in The Somniel, up the steps from the Plaza.

Fire Emblem Engage Play Mode Selection

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Besides the difficulty setting itself, you must choose between two modes of play: Casual and Classic. In Classic mode, units slain in combat don’t return; their death is permanent. This is how Fire Emblem games used to work. Casual mode is more forgiving. Defeated characters remain in your army and you can use them again in subsequent battles.

Don’t be afraid to use the Draconic Time Crystal. It should enable most players to find a suitable combination of difficulty setting and play mode. Choose the settings that are right for you.

Note: For more, check out our Fire Emblem Engage guides and features hub.

Fire Emblem Engage can be purchased on the Nintendo Store.

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