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Fire Emblem Engage has a lengthy campaign. You’ll encounter challenging battles along the way, which means you need plenty of gold for equipment and experience to gain levels. The fastest way to gather both resources is to clear maps populated by Silver Corrupted and Gold Corrupted enemies. Here is our guide to farming Silver and Gold Corrupted enemies in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage: Silver and Gold Corrupted farming guide

Once you win a few standard battles (the ones that move you to the next Chapter in the campaign), enemies randomly appear on map nodes to indicate you can revisit cleared areas. After you defeat foes in several regions, more of them appear elsewhere. Such battles are known as Skirmishes.

Sometimes, an icon indicates the enemies within a particular Skirmish are special. They are either Silver Corrupted or Gold Corrupted. When you defeat them, you gain additional experience and SP or gold. To farm enemies efficiently in Fire Emblem Engage, focus on Skirmish maps that contain Silver Corrupted and Gold Corrupted enemies.

Fire Emblem Engage Bulletin Board Donation Rewards

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As you advance through the campaign, Silver Corrupted and Gold Corrupted enemies appear more frequently. There is a reason for the change. Their spawn rate is tied to the funds you donate to each region at the Cafe Terrace bulletin board in The Somniel (located to the left of the food counter).

At the bulletin board, you can donate 5,000 gold, 10,000 gold, 25,000 gold, and 50,000 gold. Doing so increases your donation level from 1 all the way to 5. You should donate in each of the four primary regions: Firene, Brodia, Elusia, and Solm.

Fire Emblem Engage Gold Corrupted Skirmish

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Once you upgrade the Elusia donation level to 5, Gold Corrupted enemies have a 70% chance of spawning. Upgrade Solm to donation level 5 and Silver Corrupted enemies have a 70% chance of spawning.

Focus on producing Gold Corrupted enemies first. Have Anna finish them off when possible. Her lucky ‘Make a Killing’ ability may cause enemies to drop 500 extra gold. Use the bounty to produce enough gold to improve other regions, as well. Then you will encounter more Silver Corrupted enemies and increase the experience and SP gained from each victory.

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