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Silver Ingot is one of the more precious resources available in Fire Emblem Engage. There are a variety of ways to earn it, but it remains uncommon. Fortunately, animals you adopt and house at the stables will sometimes produce the item as a gift. Here’s our guide to what animals drop Silver Ingot in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage: What animals drop Silver Ingot?

When you clear battles, you will often find various animals available for adoption. They appear as orange dots on the in-game map. If you have made sufficient donations within the region, you can send them to The Somniel, where they will take up residence in the stables. Then you can receive gifts from them.

The animals that drop Silver Ingot in Fire Emblem Engage are the various breeds of dog. These include the Elyosian Dog, the Black Elyosian Dog, and the White Elyosian Dog. No other varieties of animal seem to drop that item.

Fire Emblem Engage Silver Ingot Stables

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To receive gifts from your adopted animals, you should approach the stable doors. You can transfer up to five animals to the field at a time. The dogs won’t drop the Silver Ingot immediately. Head out to the map and complete a battle, then return to The Somniel. Each animal you let loose within the stables will have dropped a gift.

Fire Emblem Engage Transfer Pets Stables

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The dogs have a chance of giving you the Iron Ingot, the Steel Ingot, and the desired Silver Ingot. They only give up one item at a time. On some visits, you might find that two have dropped. Other times, there might be none, even if you have five dogs roaming the field.

While Silver Ingot is useful for enhancing weapons and fashioning clothes, other resources are also valuable. It is usually best to have a combination of animals giving you gifts. Just make sure a few of them are dogs.

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