Floodland: How to start an expedition and reach other islands

Floodland Start Expedition Reach New Islands Districts Guide
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You begin your runs in Floodland by setting up camp on an island. From there, you’ll have to visit other locations, sometimes finding new clans to bring back into the fold. Here’s our Floodland guide to help you start an expedition, reach other islands, and create new districts.

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Floodland guide – How to start an Expedition, reach other islands, and create new districts

If you want to start an Expedition in Floodland, then the Radio Tower mission has to be active. Assuming you’re doing the prologue, then you’ll get this after a few tutorials on various systems (i.e., gathering food and water). If the prologue isn’t enabled, then this mission pops up as soon as you begin your campaign.

You should then find the Radio Tower on the same island, albeit on the opposite end. Next, go to the Exploration tab in the tech tree and research the “Reclaimed Radio Tower” option.

This will enable two types of functions, each with its own tab:

  • Transmission – Uses radio batteries as a material; scans the map for specific types of resources or all of them. This can reveal other important locations, too.
  • Expedition – Select three idle units from your camp, set the number of days, and add the necessary Safe Food and water for the task.

Click on a clear spot in the designated location (if it’s you’re first time doing this, then it will be the Flooded Factory). Shortly thereafter, a party should set sail for that destination. This is basically how you reach other islands in the game.

If you’re following the mission objectives, then you’ll encounter survivors from another clan. You can decide to integrate them into the fold, though you do have to manage their own quirks and ideologies.

From there, you’ve got an important decision to make:

  • Return – This will order the three-person party, as well as the new group of survivors, to return to the main island. You’ll end up with dozens of new units that can have tasks assigned.
  • Build a new district – This is not advisable early on. However, later in the game, you can opt to try this out. You do need a couple of techs from the Exploration tab – “District Maker” and “Pier.”
    • District Maker – Lets you convert your expeditionary force’s camp into its own storage facility. You’ve essentially created a new district in Floodland.
    • Pier – You’ll need one on both your domains so the districts can be connected. This allows you to transfer survivors from one island to the next. You can do this by clicking on the District Manager button in the lower-left portion of your screen. Then, check the Migration tab and select how many survivors will be moved.

Floodland is available via Steam.

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