Genshin Impact Arlecchino Build
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Genshin Impact Arlecchino F2P guide: Best build, weapon, and material farming

A 5-Star Pyro Polearm DPS.

Arlecchino is the new 5-Star Pyro character arriving in update 4.6, and she’s a Polearm user who is used as a DPS. She is a F2P character in Genshin Impact, so here’s the best F2P build, weapon, and material farming for Arlecchino.

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Best build and artifacts for Arlecchino in Genshin Impact

Arlecchino has an array of interesting abilities, but mainly her kit has to do with the Bond of Life mechanic. This is a mechanic that prevents healing and was usually only used by Fatui Operatives, but now it’s a part of Arlecchino’s abilities. Before we jump into the best build for Arlecchino in Genshin Impact, let’s quickly list out her kit:

AbilityHow it works
Normal AttackCan perform six consecutive strikes with her Polearm.
Charged AttackDashes toward an opponent to hit them once after consuming Stamina.
Plunging AttackPlunges down to the ground from mid-air to damage opponents and deal AoE DMG.
Passive Ability: Masque of the Red DeathThis activates when Bond of Life reaches 30% of her maximum HP or higher.
– All her Polearm attacks become imbued with Pyro DMG.
– Normal Attacks are now “Masque of the Red Death” to deal bonus damage which is scaled off her ATK multiplied by her Bond of Life percentage.
Passive Talent 1: Cinders Alone Shall NourishWhile in combat, Arlecchino earns 40% bonus Pyro DMG and can only receive the healing effect through Balemoon Rising.
Passive Talent 2: Agony Alone May Be RepaidBlood-Debt Directive gets two benefits:
– Defeating an enemy marked by Blood-Debt Direction grants Arlecchino a large amount of Bond of Life.
– Five seconds after Blood-Debt Directive gets applied it’ll receive an upgrade to Blood-Debt Due. It’ll grant Arlecchino a Bond of Life at different levels once absorbed.
Passive Talent 3: Strength Alone Can DefendGains a 1% bonus to Elemental and Physical RES for every 100 ATK points that exceed 1,000. This has a cap of 20% for each type of resistance.
Elemental Skill: All is Ash– Triggers Balemoon Bloodfire which deals Pyro DMG to multiple nearby opponents while performing a dash-cleave to one enemy. This deals AoE Pyro DMG. Opponents hit with this attack will have a Blood-Debt Directive marked on them. Arlecchino’s Bond of Life is cleared after the dash-cleave and Nourishing Cinders triggers (Recovers HP equal to 100% of the value of the cleared Life Bond)
– Blood-Dept Directive:
– Deals a burst of Pyro DMG every three seconds to an enemy, while the mark lasts for 30 seconds. This has a maximum of two instances.
– When using her Charged Attack, Arlecchino will absorb and clear any nearby Blood-Debt Directives she applied. Grants a Bond of Life worth 20% of her Max HP for each Directive absorbed.
– Maximum Bond of Life Arlecchino can gain through All is Ash gets capped at 80% of Max HP within 20 seconds of using this Elemental Skill.
Ultimate: Balemoon Rising (Elemental Burst)Giant Balemoon Bloodfire wings summon to grant Arlecchino Bond of Life worth 15% of her Map HP while dealing AoE Pyro DMG.

That’s quite a lot of information to take in! With all this in mind, the best Artifact sets for Arlecchino’s build have to be Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy or Crimson Witch of Flames. The former set is new with 4.6 and is perfect for Arlecchino’s build:

  • Fragment of Harmonic Whimsey:
    • Two-piece bonus: ATK +18%.
    • Four-piece bonus: When the value of a Bond of Life increases or decreases, this character deals 18% increased DMG for 6s. Max 3 stacks.

You’ll be able to get the Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy set through a new region in Fontaine that’ll be available with 4.6. For now, we don’t know which Domain it’ll be, but we’ll let you know when it arrives. Otherwise, here’s the latter set that also works great for Arlecchino:

  • Crimson Witch of Flames:
    • Two-piece bonus: Pyro DMG +15%
    • Four-piece bonus: Increases Overloaded, Burning, and Burgeon DMG by 40%. Increases Vaporize and Melt DMG by 15%. Using an Elemental Skill increases two-piece Set effects by 50% for 10s. Max three stacks.

While Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy will help boost Arlecchino’s Bond of Life ability (which is essential to her kit), Crimson Witch of Flames helps grant her more Pyro DMG as a main DPS user. Both are great, but I’d aim to get Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy first.

Genshin Impact Arlecchino Build Weapon
Image: HoYoverse

Best weapon for Arlecchino

While Arlecchino comes with her own special weapon, you can still find other weapons that are perfect for her build.

Crimson Moon’s SemblanceUnknown
Staff of HomaRarity: 5 stars
Base ATK: 608
Bonus Stat: Crit DMG 66.2%
Skill: HP increased by 20%. Also provides an ATK Bonus based on 0.8% of your Max HP. When your HP is less than half, the ATK Bonus is increased by an additional 1% of Max HP.
Staff of the Scarlet SandsRarity: 5 stars
Base ATK: 542
Bonus Stat: Crit Rate 44.1%
Skill: Gain 52% of your Elemental Mastery as bonus ATK. When an Elemental SKill hits enemies, the Dream of the Scarlet Sands effect is gained for 10 seconds: Gain 28% of your Elemental Mastery as bonus ATK. Max three stacks.
DeathmatchRarity: 4 stars
Base ATK: 454
Bonus Stat: Crit Rate 36.8%
Skill: If there are at least two enemies nearby, ATK and DEF increase by 16%. If there are fewer than two opponents nearby, ATK is increased by 24%.
White Tassel (F2P)Rarity: 3 stars
Base ATK: 401
Bonus Stat: Crit Rate 23.4%
Skill: Increases Normal Attack DMG by 24%.

Although we don’t know about Crimson Moon’s Semblance’s stats and information, it’ll be the best for Arlecchino because it’s made especially for her build. Other than that weapon, you can go for two other 5-star weapons like Staff of Homa (provides increased HP and ATK Bonus) or Staff of the Scarlet Sands (grants increased Elemental Mastery).

If you’re looking for a 4-star weapon first, Deathmatch is a good pick. Since Arlecchino is especially good for AoE damage, Deathmatch gives you a boost in ATK and DEF with a group of enemies. Yet, you still gain a good ATK bonus when there are fewer than two opponents nearby.

If you’re sticking with the F2P route, pick White Tassel for Arlecchino. It’s a simple yet effective weapon that increases her Normal Attack DMG.

Genshin Impact Arlecchino Build Material
Image: HoYoverse

Ascension material farming for Arlecchino

Once you obtain Arlecchino, you’ll need to start farming Ascension materials to get her from level one to level 90. Here are the required materials and Mora for each of Arlecchino’s Ascension levels:

Ascension levelMaterialsMora
20x1 Agnidus Agate Silver
x3 Rainbow Rose
x3 Recruit’s Insignia
40x3 Agnidus Agate Fragment
x2 Fragment of a Golden Melody
x10 Rainbow Rose
x15 Recruit’s Insignia
50x6 Agnidus Agate Fragment
x4 Fragment of a Golden Melody
x20 Rainbow Rose
x12 Sergeant’s Insignia
60x3 Agnifus Agate Chunk
x8 Fragment of a Golden Melody
x30 Rainbow Rose
x18 Sergeant’s Insignia
70x6 Agnidus Agate Chunk
x12 Fragment of a Golden Melody
x45 Rainbow Rose
x12 Lieutenant’s Insignia
80x6 Agnifus Agate Gemstone
x20 Fragment of a Golden Melody
x60 Rainbow Rose
x24 Lieutenant’s Insignia

Hopefully, this Arlecchino build guide for Genshin Impact will help you create the best kit for the new Polearm user, even if you’re just a F2P player. Another popular 5-Star DPS in Genshin Impact is Navia, who also has a long list of Ascension materials.

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