Genshin Impact: Candace Best Team Comps Guide
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Genshin Impact has a complete collection of characters fulfilling different roles and contributing value to your team. Some characters might dish out the most damage from your team as the “Main DPS” character, while others might support your team through healing or damage buffing. Candace falls in the latter, as a niche character who can convert your Normal Attacks into Hydro and also boost your Normal Attack DMG on top of that. Candace is a niche and highly specialized character, but if you’re in love with her design and playstyle, then you might be wondering which teams where Candace might belong. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide on the best Candace team comps.

Candace is a 4-star Hydro Polearm character. As with most 4-star characters, you will likely pull one eventually as a random drop in Character Event Wish or Standard Banners, or during rate-ups as they accompany other 5-star characters. These characters have a reputation for being weaker than 5-star characters.

And while this isn’t always the case, Candace does lag behind some of the other supports. Her buffs are niche and unbeneficial to many characters in the game, as she specifically buffs Normal Attack DMG. Candace, therefore, would not fit in many comps where her Hydro Infusion and buffs aren’t welcomed. However, that isn’t to say Candace is useless.

Genshin Impact: Candace best team comps

Candace Best Team Comps

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The main reason to run Candace is her Elemental Burst: Sacred Rite: Wagtail’s Tide. This Elemental Burst creates an effect that follows your active character, increasing their Elemental DMG from Normal Attacks, and giving Sword, Claymore, and Polearm-characters a Hydro infusion.

Here are some examples of team comps you can use with Candace in Genshin Impact:

  • Candace / Ayato / Xingqiu / Kazuha: Candace boosts the Elemental DMG of Normal Attacks, which synergizes with Ayato’s Elemental Skill (which counts as Normal Attack DMG). Therefore, pairing Candace and Ayato together makes for a solid combo. Xingqiu adds extra Hydro DMG and some defensive utility, while Kazuha boosts the Hydro DMG of your team even further and provides some good crowd control. You can consider replacing Ayato with Yelan and using Xingqiu’s Normal Attacks instead, which will trade Ayato’s on-field DMG with damage from Yelan’s Elemental Burst.
  • Candace / Xingqiu / Xiangling / Bennett: This variation of the National / International composition (typically consisting of a Hydro unit, Bennett + Xiangling, and Kazuha or Sucrose) drops Kazuha and Sucrose in favor of Candace. Candace will turn Xingqiu’s Normal Attacks into Hydro, allowing him to vaporize with Xiangling and Bennett. Dropping Xingqiu for Kazuha / Sucrose might be viable, but you will lose about 50% of your potential Vaporize damage.
  • Candace / Fischl / Beidou / Kazuha or Sucrose: This team comp is a variation of a “Taser-comp,” a term coined by the community which refers to significant Electro-Charged damage. Hydro and Electro create the Electro-Charged reactions, and Candace here is the provider of Hydro DMG to the team.
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