Genshin Impact Imaginarium Theater
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Genshin Impact Imaginarium Theater guide: All rewards and how to unlock

The show must go on!

Rejoice, Genshin Impact endgame players, as this guide will uncover all the rewards with the Imaginarium Theater and how to unlock it. Here’s everything you need to know about this new mode.

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How to unlock the Imaginarium Theater in Genshin Impact

Releasing on July 1 with the second phase of the 4.7 update for Genshin Impact, the Imaginarium Theater is a new permanent endgame mode where you can win rewards by taking on challenging combat scenarios with high-level characters. The Imaginarium Theater will have an alternating schedule with the Spiral Abyss and it will have three different difficulties that reset after a month.

Secret Library Book
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You can unlock the Imaginarium Theater in Genshin Impact by reaching Adventure Rank 35 and locating it in the secret library of Mondstadt. Once you unlock the secret library, just interact with the book sitting at the end of the long table to enter the Imaginarium Theater.

Imaginarium Theater, explained

How this mode works is that you can choose between Easy, Normal, or Hard Mode which contain 3/6/8 combat scenarios, respectively. Each combat scenario, also known as each Act, has its own requirements. For example, Version 4.7 requires the three elements Anemo, Pyro, and Electro.

Genshin Impact Imaginarium Theater Principal Cast
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After choosing a difficulty you can then decide on six characters for your Principal Cast. You can choose from your arsenal of characters or trial characters. The six characters you chose as the Principal Cast gain Fantastical Blessings which are unique buffs. The cool thing about these buffs is that they’ll take effect both inside and outside the Imaginarium Theater until the end of the season.

Alternate Cast
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After you choose a Principal Cast you must decide on an Alternate Cast of eight characters. You can use your Alternate Cast to replenish your Principal Cast, and you can complete Combat Events or Companion Events to have them join the Principal Cast. There’s also the choice Special Guest Stars if you don’t meet the element requirements for the season.

Supporting Cast
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Finally, you can choose a Supporting Cast which allows your friends to borrow your characters to use in their Imaginarium Theater. Each challenge can only use up to one Support Character at a time from your friends.

Fantasia Flowers and Vigor

Fantasia Flowers
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There are two unique aspects to the Imaginarium Theater that you should know about. First of all, you can use Fantasia Flowers to start Combat or Companion Events during the Acts. Not only that, but you can spend them on Wonderous Boons, which are more buffs for your characters.

You’ll be able to earn Fantasia Flowers by completing battle objectives. Participating in a Combat Event puts you into a battle, and a Companion Event allows you to add a character to your Principal Cast.

Genshin Impact Imaginarium Theater Vigor
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Then there’s the Vigor system. As you’re engaging in the challenges ahead of you, your characters’ Vigor Stacks will begin to deplete. They can eventually run out of Vigor, forcing them to not fight anymore. Be careful about the characters you’re using and how much Vigor they have left after events.

All rewards in the Imaginarium Theater

Genshin Impact Imaginarium Theater Rewards
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The one thing everyone should be excited for is the Performance Tour Rewards that you obtain by completing these challenges. In total, you can earn up to eight sets of Performance Tour Rewards. Other than these rewards, you can also receive Debut Performance Gifts for clearing Acts for the first time. Here are all the rewards you can earn:

  • Performance Tour Rewards
    • x620 Primogems
    • 400,000 Mora
    • x45 Talent materials
    • x3 Toy Medals
    • x15 Sanctifying Essence
  • Debut Performance Gifts
    • x1100 Primogems
    • 640,000 Mora
    • x40 Hero’s Wit
    • x4 Fragile Resins
    • x1 Midlander Billet Trove
Genshin Impact Imaginarium Theater Photos
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What exactly are Toy Medals? This new item is a currency you can use to trade with Wolfy the Concierge. Toy Medals are for unlocking character poses you can use while taking photos in-game of your characters.

Alongside the Imaginarium Theater mode in Version 4.7 is a new character named Clorinde, who you may be interested in pulling.

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