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Genshin Impact has a diverse roster of characters, each with a unique and defined role for your team. Each character’s kit is designed to either dish out tons of damage or support your team in a variety of different ways. And others may be a mix of the two. Rosaria exists in this bubble, riding the fine line between main DPS (damage per second) and a support character. Rosaria’s main role falls in a ‘sub-DPS’ category of dealing high damage, but she fits in great in many team comps due to her being a Cryo unit. Here is our Genshin Impact guide for Rosaria’s best team comps.

Rosaria is a 4-star Cryo Polearm character. Getting a 4-star character is not too difficult. You will likely obtain a Rosaria while pulling for other 5-star units or as a random drop in the Standard Banner. While 4-stars have a reputation of being generally weaker than 5-stars, many 4-star characters are still viable for endgame content — some are even meta-defining. While Rosaria doesn’t quite reach the heights of changing the meta, she is still a strong unit.

Rosaria is very similar to Kaeya in terms of design and role. Her Elemental Skill, ‘Ravaging Confession,’ teleports Rosaria behind a nearby opponent to slash them with her polearm, dealing Cryo DMG. Meanwhile, her Elemental Burst, ‘Rites of Termination,’ causes her to slam her polearm into the ground, which periodically blasts cold air that deals Cryo DMG. Her Elemental Burst is the real meat of the character, and why you’ll want to use her.

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Genshin Impact: Rosaria best team comps guide

Here are some examples of team comps you can use with Rosaria in Genshin Impact:

  • Kaeya or Shenhe / Xiangling / Bennett / Rosaria: This is a team designed to trigger the Melt reaction. While Kaeya and Rosaria may compete for the same role in some teams, they synergize together with Bennett and Xiangling by mixing with Pyro to create an incredibly damaging team. You can replace Kaeya with Shenhe, who is a 5-star character, but a big strength of the team is accessibility for free-to-play or low-spending players.
  • Kamisato Ayaka / Sucrose or Kazuha / Sangonomiya Kokomi / Rosaria: Rosaria is a great alternative option as a second Cryo character in a Freeze team. A Freeze team is designed to keep opponents permanently frozen, dealing tons of damage and also removing you from harm’s way. Rosaria’s spot is typically taken by a character like Diona for protection and healing, but Kokomi’s presence allows you to sub in Rosaria for more damage.
  • Eula / Zhongli / Rosaria / Fischl: Rosaria synergizes with Eula as a second Cryo unit to charge up Eula’s Elemental Burst. Cryo units are also essential in Physical teams to trigger the Superconduct reaction, which reduces the Physical RES of enemies. You can swap out Fischl for a healer like Kuki Shinobu, or Zhongli for another shielder.
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