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Athena’s Duo boons

Aphrodite Parting Shot +25% bonus backstab damage. Divine Strike, Divine Flourish, Phalanx Shot, Divine Dash, or Athena’s Aid Heartbreak Strike, Heartbreak Flourish, Crush Shot, or Passion Dash
Ares Merciful End Deflected attacks also trigger Doom effects on enemies. Divine Strike, Divine Flourish, or Divine Dash Curse of Agony or Curse of Pain
Artemis Deadly Reversal +20% chance to deal critical damage after Deflect. Divine Strike, Divine Flourish, or Divine Dash Deadly Strike, Deadly Flourish, True Shot, Hunter Dash, or Artemis’ Aid
Demeter Stubborn Roots When you don’t have any Death Defiance charges, your HP regenerates. Divine Strike, Phalanx Shot, Divine Dash Frost Flourish
Dionysus Smoke Screen Significantly reduces the area covered by Festive Fog but it blocks most ranged attacks. Divine Strike, Divine Flourish, Divine Dash Trippy Shot
Poseidon Unshakable Mettle You’re no longer stunned and you take less damage from bosses. Divine Strike, Divine Flourish, or Phalanx Shot Tidal Dash
Zeus Lightning Phalanx Your cast bounces multiple times between enemies. Phalanx Shot Lightning Strike, Thunder Flourish, Thunder Dash

Hades playthroughs will often challenge and punish you, and Athena’s there to keep up your defenses. One of the few Duo boons I liked was the one paired with Demeter (Stubborn Roots). If ever I had no more Death Defiance charges, I could simply kill all the enemies in a room and wait before forging ahead. Alternatively, I could just hide while staying away from mobs. This allows me to regen my HP within a few seconds.

Below, you can see Zagreus running around while green sparks float around him (Stubborn Roots’ HP regen). Oh, and you can also see the Soul Catcher (butterfly ball) that’s been charmed by Aphrodite’s Unhealthy Fixation Legendary skill.

Hades Heroic Boons Legendary Boons Best Duo Boons Guide 4

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