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Zeus’ boons

The god of thunder, Zeus, is considered the mightiest of the Olympians. In Hades, you’re going to see the power of the heavens in full force as Zeus electrocutes countless foes via Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, and Jolt effects. His boons are symbolized by a bolt of lightning.

Note: If you’re just starting out in Hades, it’s not possible to meet Zeus during your first escape attempt.

Hds Olym Sk Zeus 1

Here are some examples of Zeus’ boons:

  • Lightning Strike (tier 1) – Your attack creates a burst of Chain Lightning.
  • Electric Shot (tier 1) – Your cast now bounces between enemies while creating a burst of Chain Lightning.
  • Thunder Flourish and Thunder Dash (tier 1) – Your special and dash abilities (respectively) cause a Lightning bolt to strike nearby hostiles.
  • Storm Lightning (tier 2) – Chain Lightning effects bounce more times.
  • High Voltage (tier 2) – Lightning bolts deal damage in a larger area.
  • Double Strike (tier 2) – Lightning bolts can strike twice.
  • Static Discharge (tier 2) – Lightning bolt effects cause Jolt (enemies take damage when they attack).
  • Splitting Bolt (tier 3/Legendary) – All lightning effects generate an extra burst.

Hds Olym Sk Zeus 2

The idea when using Zeus’ boons in Hades is to remember the synergy between Lightning Bolts and Chain Lightning effects. That also means using a weapon with high attack speed (Eternal Spear or Adamant Rail) to make the most out of rapid flurries.

You’ll get the most out of the leader of the Olympians due to the burst damage that he provides. Oh, and don’t forget to check out Zeus’ Duo boons.

Hds Olym Sk Zeus 3

Lastly, let’s take a look at Hermes’ boons.

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