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Artemis’ boons

The goddess of the hunt is one of the Olympians who’ll help out Zagreus during his dungeon delves in Hades. Her boons are symbolized by a green arrow. Artemis specializes in finding an enemy’s weak point, afflicting them with the “Marked” status effect, as well as increasing your critical hit chance.

Note: If you’re just starting out in Hades, it’s not possible to meet Artemis during your first escape attempt.

Hades Olympian Gods Boons Skills Guide Best Boons Artemis 1

Here are some of Artemis’ boons:

  • Deadly Strike, Deadly Flourish, Hunter Dash (tier 1) – Your attack, special, and dash abilities (respectively) do more damage and have a chance to crit.
  • True Shot (tier 1) – Your casting skill fires a homing arrow with a chance to crit.
  • Support Fire (tier 2) – Hitting an enemy with an attack, special, or cast sends out a homing arrow.
  • Pressure Points (tier 2) – Any damage you deal has a chance of being a critical hit.
  • Hunter’s Mark (tier 2) – Whenever you deal critical damage to an enemy, another mob near it will be Marked (bonus crit chance on the target).
  • Fully Loaded (tier 3/Legendary) – Gain +3 casting skill ammo.

Hades Olympian Gods Boons Skills Guide Best Boons Artemis 2

To be frank, I simply don’t like Artemis. In fact, the reason I’ve used her as an example on the main page of the guide is that I thought she would be perfect for ranged gameplay. It turns out that her boons need a lot of work and more upgrades to become viable.

At best, I think that Fully Loaded is one of the best Legendary boons out there. It’s just a shame that you’d want to focus on the boons of other gods in Hades to increase your DPS output. You can learn more about Artemis’ Duo boons here.

Hades Olympian Gods Boons Skills Guide Best Boons Artemis 3

Next up, let’s talk about Athena.

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