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Demeter’s boons

Demeter, the goddess of harvest, is another deity in Hades who can give you boons. Her boons are symbolized by a light blue/frozen stalk of wheat.

Hades Olympian Gods Boons Skills Guide Best Boons Demeter 1

She specializes in the use of cold/frost attacks that inflict the Chill status effect on enemies (slows them down). Here are some examples of Demeter’s boons:

  • Frost Strike, Frost Flourish, and Mistral Dash (tier 1) – Your attack, special, and dash abilities (respectively) do more damage and cause Chill; Mistral Dash generates a gust of wind that applies this effect.
  • Crystal Beam (tier 1) – Your casting skill conjures a crystal that fires a beam.
  • Rare Crop (tier 1) – All your boons become common, but their rarity will increase every three encounters; a higher rarity for this skill will increase the number of boons that are affected.
  • Arctic Blast (tier 2) – Once you apply 10 stacks of Chill on an enemy, it procs a damaging blast that clears the effect.
  • Killing Freeze (tier 2) – Chill effects slow enemies and cause decay damage-over-time (DOT) effects.
  • Winter Harvest (tier 3/Legendary) – Enemies affected by Chill shatter at 10% health and inflict Chill on other nearby mobs.

Hades Olympian Gods Boons Skills Guide Best Boons Demeter 2

Demeter is yet another strong contender for Hades‘ top spot for Olympian gods and that’s due to her crowd control capabilities. Chill is a ridiculously powerful status effect and, once you have Killing Freeze, you can simply apply it on enemies and watch them lose health consistently while they have stacks. Just be sure not to pick up Arctic Blast (which clears the effect at 10 stacks).

Additionally, her Rare Crop boon, if obtained very early in your Hades dungeon run, can potentially increase the rarity of all your other skills. Likewise, her Duo boons with certain gods offer a lot of synergy and utility.

Hades Olympian Gods Boons Skills Guide Best Boons Demeter 3

In any case, it’s time to party with Dionysus.

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