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Poseidon’s boons

Poseidon, the god of the sea, will have you cruising to victory in Hades. His boons are symbolized by a blue trident.

Hds Olym Sk Poseidon 1

The Knockback effects applied by many of his skills, in conjunction with other supporting boons, become invaluable in your runs. Here are some of Poseidon’s boons:

  • Tempest Strike, Tempest Flourish, Flood Shot, and Tidal Dash (tier 1) – Your attack, special, cast, and dash abilities (respectively) can Knockback enemies.
  • Sunken Treasure and Ocean’s Bounty – Gives you an assortment of gemstones, darkness crystals, and gold, or makes them worth more if you pick them up down the line.
  • Typhoon’s Fury (tier 1) – Deal more damage when an enemy is slammed into a barrier.
  • Breaking Wave (tier 2) – Slamming an enemy into walls or corners creates a watery blast.
  • Razor Shoals (tier 2) – Knockback effects apply Rupture (enemy takes damage when they move).
  • Wave Pounding (tier 2) – Abilities with Knockback effects deal bonus damage to bosses.
  • Huge Catch (tier 3/legendary) – Increases your chances of finding a fishing point. This is completely useless unless you’re solely reliant on the Head Chef in the House of Hades for freebies.
  • Second Wave (tier 3/Legendary) – All Knockback effects push enemies a second time.

Hds Olym Sk Poseidon 2

You might think that Knockback effects sound boring compared to, say, poison, weakness, lightning strikes, and more, but Poseidon will definitely surprise you. I even consider his boons some of the best overall in Hades.

That’s because of how Knockback works in a multitude of rooms. When you’ve got barriers and obstacles, it’s very easy to just slam the enemy consistently. They won’t even have time to charge up their attack since your Knockback would interrupt them (as long as they aren’t armored).

You basically become untouchable and only need to watch out for the occasional projectile, AoE explosion, or trap. It also helps that he’s got some of the best Duo boons, such as Exclusive Access, which is shared with Dionysus.

Hds Olym Sk Poseidon 3

As for his utility skills (Sunken Treasure and Ocean’s Bounty), they’re next to useless since you’re better off picking up boons that improve Zagreus’ offensive or defensive capabilities. A small number of resources (taking the place of a usable ability or buff) isn’t worth your while.

Hds Olym Sk Poseidon 4

Next, let’s ride the lightning with Zeus.

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