Hellpoint Eye Codes Towers Black Hole Hour

Hellpoint guide: Eye Codes and Black Hole Hour rooms

Pattern D: Ikari Walkways

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Tower Code

  • Eye Three: 5440 3585
  • Eye Five: 2029 5238

Black Hole Hour Chamber

Ikari Walkways – This one’s a bit easy to reach and you might’ve passed by close to it while going to Pattern C’s chamber.

Hpoint Ecbhh Pat D 1

How to get there

Remember Ikari Walkways and the Artillery boss? Instead of going inside the boss’ room, just head further upwards using the stairwell. You should then see a couple of trams that you can use to cross the gap.

Hpoint Ecbhh Pat D 2

The next building has two floors filled with zombies and demons. Try to avoid them if you can.

Hpoint Ecbhh Pat D 3

Use the rail to reach the top and you’ll find yourself in a dimly-lit room with a glyph. There’s also a Breach Synchronizer here.

Hpoint Ecbhh Pat D 4

There’s another rail at the corner of this room. It leads you towards the Black Hole Hour chamber.

If you need a save point, interact with the switch next to the gap. It’ll create a bridgeway and you can use the nearby save point next to the destroyed tram.

Hpoint Ecbhh Pat D 5

Inside the Black Hole Hour chamber

There’s a winding stairwell that leads further down.

Hpoint Ecbhh Pat D 6

You’ll find yourself in a large chamber with a strange, humanoid figure at the opposite end. Suddenly, more than half a dozen zombie mobs will attack you. Annihilate the undead.

Hpoint Ecbhh Pat D 7

Go near the humanoid figure and you have the option to “murder” them (press “X” on your gamepad).

Hpoint Ecbhh Pat D 8

The corpse will drop a full set of Depraved Armor and you’ll look like that strange figure that you just killed.

Now that this is done, let’s go ahead and take a look at the Black Hole Hour chambers that don’t require Eye Codes. You’ll find these rooms in the Embassy and Port Issoudun.

Hpoint Ecbhh Pat D 9

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