Hi-Fi Rush how to find all Armstrong Circuits circuit locations Track 8

HI-Fi Rush: All Armstrong Circuit locations

Buy all of the chip upgrades with these.

As you play through Hi-Fi Rush, you will gain the ability to purchase and equip chips for your player character Chai. These chips provide useful perks for players to take advantage of in battle, such as reduced cooldowns for your partner characters or random health drops upon successful parries. Aside from spending the standard gear currency, however, you will also have to give away special Armstrong Circuit collectibles to acquire these chips. Hi-Fi Rush hides Armstrong Circuits throughout most of its levels, or tracks. Here are all of the Armstrong Circuit locations in Hi-Fi Rush we know about (so far).

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HI-Fi Rush: All Armstrong Circuit locations

Track 3 Locations

You can only begin looking for these Armstrong Circuits once you reach the third track of Hi-Fi Rush, so we’ll start from there.

  • Armstrong Circuit #1: After shooting down the rock with Peppermint and crossing it, you will come across a stone platform lifted by a pillar of lava. While the platform is still lowered, jump on it and cross over to the nearby ledge. The Armstrong Circuit should be there.
  • Armstrong Circuit #2: This one is hard to miss. Once you reach the point where Chai says “You are missing this great view, Peppermint,” simply turn to the left to find the Armstrong Circuit waiting for you.
  • Armstrong Circuit #3: After finishing Chorus 3 (the fight where you encounter the bike robot for the first time), progress forward to find a series of signs pointing to the right. Instead of following the signs, turn left to find the Circuit.
  • Armstrong Circuit #4: Once you reach the outside of the R&D Department, walk backward until you reach the section with the vending machine. On the right, you should see a stone ledge with a cardboard cutout of Zanzo perched on it. Jump on the ledge and you will find the Circuit cleverly hidden behind the Zanzo cutout.
  • Armstrong Circuit #5: Make your way over to the R&D Department entrance and jump over the wall on the left to collect the Circuit.
  • Armstrong Circuit #6: Upon reaching the conversation where Zanzo says “Fix the image. I want to see who our test subject is,” proceed to the next room to find the Circuit located, once again, on your left.
Hi-Fi Rush Armstrong Circuits Track 4

Armstrong Circuit locations are sometimes easy to spot in Hi-Fi Rush, but not always. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Track 4 Locations

  • Armstrong Circuit #1: After busting down the first wall with Macaron, keep turning left to find the Circuit sitting in the office.
  • Armstrong Circuit #2: After you use Macaron to knock the first boulder down, navigate the ring to find two rock platforms lifted by lava pillars. Jump across them to reach the Circuit.
  • Armstrong Circuit #3: After navigating the spiral path in the center of the aforementioned ring and ziplining over to the area with the shipping containers, the Circuit can be found immediately to the left behind the Zanzo cutout.
  • Armstrong Circuit #4: Make your way through the AR Lab entrance to reach a big circular room with a staircase on the left. To the right of the stairs is an entrance to a room that contains the Circuit on the rightmost platform.
  • Armstrong Circuit #5: Soon after completing the first AR challenge, you will come across a lava area with a metal pathway up top. For further reference, this is where Peppermint first displays the gauge that shows Zanzo’s gradually depleting budget. After you hop on the lava-lifted stone platform and reach the metal pathway, follow the arrows until you reach the stone pathway at the bottom. Shortly before the grapple point, turn left to find the circuit sitting on a high-up ledge.
  • Armstrong Circuit #6: Once you complete the second AR challenge, follow the main path until you grapple your way to a platform with a wall you can break with Macaron. Once on this platform, look away from the breakable wall to see a Circuit sitting on a pipe. Platform your way to the pipe to grab the Circuit.

Track 5 Locations

  • Armstrong Circuit #1: Once you enter the main hub and talk to TEC-78 at the start, head right to find a lower ledge leading to a series of disc-shaped platforms circling around the central pillar. Jump across these platforms to the left to reach a ledge that leads to the level’s Spectra Door, with the Circuit placed in front of it.
  • Armstrong Circuit #2: Upon reaching the center of the main hub where you branch off to fix the three nodes, you can jump onto the circular ledges with railings up top to find another Circuit.
  • Armstrong Circuit #3: After you fix Security Node 02 and parry the security bots, head down the path to reach a circular platform with a jump pad. Before using the jump pad, hop onto the edge of the glass tube encasing the nearby platform to find a Circuit sitting on top.
  • Armstrong Circuit #4: On the path to Security Node 01, head outside after you cross the bridge of retracting platforms. The CIrcuit will be immediately to your left.
  • Armstrong Circuit #5: In the room containing Security Node 01, you can find the Circuit sitting on a ledge placed behind the final switch.
  • Armstrong Circuit #6: In the air vent you enter right after fixing Security Node 01, dash past the first few lasers, but don’t jump down. On the wall to the left of the drop, there is a hidden path leading to a small room with a Circuit inside.
  • Armstrong Circuit #7: In the room containing Security Node 03, the Circuit is hidden right behind the final switch.
  • Armstrong Circuit #8: You can only get this one after you beat the game. At the very end of the Security Node 01 path, before you enter the elevator, turn left and jump across the retracting platforms to reach a room containing a generator that only Korsica can activate. Upon activating it, complete the timed platforming section to get the Circuit as a reward.

Track 6 Locations

  • Armstrong Circuit #1: Simply turn around right at the start of the level to find the Circuit sitting in the back of the room.
Hi-Fi Rush Armstrong Circuits Track 7

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Track 7 Locations

  • Armstrong Circuit #1: At the very start of the level, you can find a Circuit on the left side of the path after you defeat the robots.
  • Armstrong Circuit #2: In the starting area, make your way up the spiraling metal pathway and cross the three retracting square platforms. Immediately afterward, jump onto the pipe right before the grapple point and walk along it to grab the Circuit.
  • Armstrong Circuit #3: In the first 2D section, get onto the rising platform. Once the platform reaches the top, the Circuit is immediately visible to your left.
  • Armstrong Circuit #4: In the room with the big pillars, before you go past the exit near the shop, jump your way across the circular ledges surrounding the pillars to find a Circuit tucked away in a high-up ledge.
  • Armstrong Circuit #5: In the big laser room, grapple your way onto the platforms surrounding the central pillar partway through. Go right past the rising platform without going up it and you will find a Circuit placed behind some boxes.
  • Armstrong Circuit #6: The Circuit can be clearly seen near the final jump pad in the big laser room.

Track 8 Locations

  • Armstrong Circuit #1: In the opening area, you can find the first Circuit on top of the bathroom on the right.
  • Armstrong Circuit #2: Soon after using Korsica to get past the first fire door, immediately drop down to the lower floor to find the Circuit in the back.
  • Armstrong Circuit #3: After using Macaron to break open the wall near the Korsica painting, the Circuit is hidden behind the wall on the very left.
  • Armstrong Circuit #4: In the very next room, walk down the path past the unused robot exhibits for another Circuit.
  • Armstrong Circuit #5: Once you enter the room where you platform across the robot exhibits suspended from the ceiling, finish fighting the first batch of robots, head right, then head right again before platforming your way toward the Circuit.
  • Armstrong Circuit #6: In the following underground area, activate the generator with Korsica and complete the final platforming section of the level. Upon reaching the breakable wall at the end, turn back and platform across the pipes until you find the Circuit to your left.

Track 9 Locations

  • Armstrong Circuit #1: Walk along the path at the start and instead of jumping on the ledge, go under it. The Circuit is tucked away at the back.

Track 10 Locations

  • Armstrong Circuit #1: This one is basically impossible to miss. Once you get past Smidge and leave the vent, the Circuit is right in front of you.
  • Armstrong Circuit #2: After defeating the green four-legged robot, enter the broken wall and go left to collect another Circuit hidden behind boxes.
  • Armstrong Circuit #3: Upon entering the atrium, jump up the platforms on the right side. Once you reach the ledge up top, you can grab the Circuit right away.
  • Armstrong Circuit #4: During your climb up the atrium, you will access the C4 section upon breaking a door open with Macaron. Inside you will find several office workers, a cleaning bot, a vending machine, and another Circuit tucked in the right-hand corner behind a couch.

Post-game Armstrong Circuit Locations in Hi-Fi Rush

Track 1 Armstrong Circuit Locations

Once you finish the main story, you can go back to the first two tracks to find Armstrong Circuits you could not collect previously.

  • Armstrong Circuit #1: Before jumping through the window where you meet 808, look to your right to find a grapple point you can unlock with Peppermint. Once you grapple up there, talk to the HR Investigator twice to receive a Circuit.
  • Armstrong Circuit #2: You will automatically receive this one upon completing the level’s Spectra Door challenge. To find the door, head to the building where Smidge is located shortly after Chorus 4. Go to the right and look down to find a lower ledge you can jump to. You will find the door after walking a little further.
  • Armstrong Circuit #3: After fixing the first generator and moving past the conveyor belts, progress past the moving platform and head left to find a breakable wall. Destroy it with Macaron and head inside to find a platforming challenge triggered by activating the generator with Korsica. Once you complete the challenge, you will come across a chest that you can open to find a Circuit inside.
  • Armstrong Circuit #4: In the room where you can find O5-KAR’s stack of breakable boxes, go to the upper ledge on the left to find a fire door. Blow it away with Korsica, head inside, and jump up some supply crates to find the Circuit.
Hi-Fi Rush how to find all Armstrong Circuits circuit locations Track 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Track 2 Armstrong Circuit Locations

  • Armstrong Circuit #1: After using the first grapple point, head down the path and stop before the second grapple point. Go to the right and jump down the lowest ledge before breaking the wall with Macaron. Inside, you will find a Circuit as well as a sizable cache of gears for your efforts.
  • Armstrong Circuit #2: After fighting the robots shortly after the first Circuit, progress a little further, grapple to the opening on the right side, and use Korsica to blow away the fire door. Head out and go left to come across a series of moving supply crates. Jumping across them is tricky, but by doing so successfully, you can collect the Circuit up above.
  • Armstrong Circuit #3: Upon completing Chorus 5, walking down the main path with take you to a fire door that is impossible to miss. Head inside after blowing it away with Korsica to find a chest containing the Circuit.
  • Armstrong Circuit #4: Once you get past the crushers that slam down in a triplet rhythm, instead of going on the jump pad, head right. You will find a wall that Macaron can break down with a Circuit waiting inside.

One more thing

After beating Hi-Fi Rush, you can find any Armstrong Circuits you may have missed more easily through a postgame-exclusive chip. By equipping this chip, 808 will function as a radar of sorts that will alert you toward any significant upgrade items you have not yet collected, including Armstrong Circuits. It doesn’t cost much, so feel free to purchase it and make the postgame grind a little bit easier. This article will be updated in case there are any Armstrong Circuits we may have missed.

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