Hitman 3 Mendoza The Farewell Assassination Challenges Guide

Archibald Yates has something in his eye

Make your way to Archibald Yates’ villa so we can complete these challenges. If you want to do this during the previous run (the one where we poisoned Vidal), you should still be wearing the waiter’s outfit. Heck, I’d just reload the save where you followed the asado chef.


“Pencil Pusher” assassination challenge – While you’re at the villa, you should notice the lawyer arriving with a mercenary guard. Wait for the two of them to enter the villa’s guest room, then enter it from the side window. Subdue the merc and take his clothes while the lawyer’s busy with his work.

Next, grab the papers on the lawyer’s desk and place them on the other desk that’s in the room. You’ll notice that the desk also has a very pointy pen.

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Yates will enter the room and his bodyguards will just pass by. Hold “G” to give Yates your report.

Once he examines the paperwork on the desk, hold “X” behind him to impale his eye on the pen. That’s gotta hurt.

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“Get Rid of the Body” assassination challenge – Instead of poking out Yates’ eye, just incapacitate him. Carry his body and dump it outside the window.

Hop outside and you’ll notice that the garden shredder is close by. Dump his body inside and hold “G” to turn him into mulch.

All right, let’s talk about Yates’ wife confronting him for the “Domestic Disturbance” assassination challenge.

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