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Honkai Star Rail: Best Dan Heng Inbibitor Lunae team comps

Empower Dan Heng with the best team.

Honkai: Star Rail features a massive roster of 5-star characters. In Version 1.3, Honkai: Star Rail introduced us to the upgraded version of Dan Heng, Dan Heng Inbibitor Lunae. This character is a core part of your group and is an upgrade over his 4-star counterpart. This character is an Imaginary Destruction character and is a unique main DPS character, with the ability to empower his Basic ATK by spending up to three skill points. As a result, you’ll want to pair Dan Heng Inbibitor Lunae with some strong skill-point generators. Here’s our guide on the best team comps for Dan Heng Inbibitor Lunae in Honkai: Star Rail.

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Honkai: Star Rail: Dan Heng Inbibitor Lunae best team comps

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Dan Heng Inbibitor Lunae is a Destruction character that uses up a significant number of skill points to charge up his Basic ATK. To best take advantage of Dan Heng Inbibitor Lunae’s strengths, you need to pair him with characters that are skill-point positive.

  • Luocha is his best healing option, as Luocha is able to heal without expending many skill points. He has a passive heal that automatically triggers when a teammate gets low HP and a passive healing field that can trigger without using his Skill. As a result, Luocha can be used to generate skill points for Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae’s enhanced Basic Attack.
  • Silver Wolf is a great debuffer for Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae, able to generate skill points and add an Imaginary weakness for Dan Heng Inbibitor Lunae. Adding a weakness can significantly improve Dan Heng’s damage, as one of his traces boosts his damage against Imaginary-weakness enemies. Pela is another great debuffer, as she can reduce enemy DEF without spending skill-points.
  • Gepard is a good option for a defensive Dan Heng option as you can get away with not using his Skill. It’s a better option than other defensive choices such as Bailu or Natasha, as the healing from these characters is reliant on using skill points.
  • For a buffer, Yukong or Tingyun are your best choices. Yukong is an Imaginary character with stronger buffs than Tingyun but can eat up a lot of skill points. Meanwhile, Tingyun has some less impactful buffs but can generate energy for Dan Heng as well as generate skill points.

With these tips in mind, here are some example teams for you to try out:

  • Luocha / Yukong / Dan Heng Inbibitor Lunae / Silver Wolf
  • Gepard / Pela / Silver Wolf / Dan Heng Inbibitor Lunae
  • Luocha / Tingyun / Pela / Dan Heng Inbibitor Lunae
  • Luocha / Tingyun / Silver Wolf / Dan Heng Inbibitor Lunae

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