Pela Team Comps Honkai Star Rail 2
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Honkai Star Rail: Best Pela team comps

Ice cold damage.

Honkai: Star Rail has a huge roster of characters for you to obtain and use in a variety of different battles. Pela is useful in offensive teams as a debuffer, as she can inflict the Exposed status ailment on enemies which reduces their DEF. She also has a unique niche with dispelling buffs that enemies have. Pela might not work in every scenario, but there are definitely teams and fights where she can shine. To help her out, you’ll want to equip Pela with the best teammates out there. Here’s our guide for Pela’s best team comps in Honkai: Star Rail.

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Honkai Star Rail: Pela best team comps

Pela is a 4-star Ice Nihility character and can be summoned on both the Character Event Warp banner and the Regular Warp banner. As a 4-star character, any 4-star you roll has a chance of rolling Pela. Occasionally, Pela might receive a rate-up on the Character Event Warp banner, dramatically increasing your chances of pulling a Pela. If you want to add Pela to your team, then be sure to keep an eye out for whether or not she’s featured on a Character Event Warp banner to increase your chances.

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Pela Team Comps Honkai Star Rail

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Pela is a Nihility character, meaning she specializes in debuffing the enemy. In Pela’s case, she does a base 30% shred to the enemy’s DEF after she uses her Ultimate. As a result, Pela is a good substitute for damage teams when you do not have an ATK buffer, such as Bronya or Tingyun.

  • Seele / Pela / Tingyun / flex healer: One of Seele’s best existing teams is Seele, Bronya, Tingyun, and a flex healer. However, if you do not have Bronya (she is a 5-star character and difficult to obtain), then Pela makes a good substitute as she can provide DEF shred to increase Seele’s damage. Tingyun will provide ATK buffs to Seele, and you can use Natasha or Bailu depending on the battle, or just use whichever unit you have.
  • Hook / Pela / Tingyun / Natasha: This is a free-to-play friendly comp that consists of 4-star units. Hook deals high single-target damage while Pela and Tingyun provide the offensive buffs and debuffs you need to increase your damage. As an alternative, you can swap out Tingyun for Asta, as she also provides an ATK buff on top of an SPD buff. Natasha is a free-to-play healer that every player in the game will receive for free.

Honkai: Star Rail is available now.

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