Robin In Honkai Star Rail
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Honkai Star Rail: Robin Skills, Release Date & Leaked Kit

A hell of a Halovian.

The next character to grace Honkai Star Rail is “Extraterrestrial Satellite Communication” Robin, or just Robin, for short. Robin is a new 5-star Physical Harmony unit to join your ranks. Here is all the information available thus far to prepare yourself for her arrival.

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This isn’t the first time we’ve come across Robin, as she has been a recurring character in Penacony’s main story. Since then, players have been eagerly anticipating her reveal as a playable character, and today it’s finally been confirmed.

Honkai Star Rail Robin Release Date

The most important news first – Robin’s Honkai Star Rail release date. MiHoYo is preparing for Robin to enter the game in the 2.2 patch, which should hit the game on May 5.

This doesn’t account for any potential delays as they roll out the 2.1 patch, or even for the 2.2 patch itself. So expect it to be early May rather than getting your hopes up for an exact date.

We can expect a 2.2 appearance due to the pattern of drip marketing that Honkai Star Rail players are all too familiar with. To get more specific, Robin should be available in the first phase of 2.2, which is good news for those wanting to add her to their ranks.

We will get official confirmation on the live stream for the patch, however, so make sure to tune in to that.

Robin’s Leaked Kit and Skills in Honkai Star Rail

Now for the practical bit. Below I’ve found out Robin’s kit and skills, so you’ll know what you’re getting into when using her in battle. She has a great kit set out for her that you can expect from a 5-star unit.

Normal ATK:

  • Deals Physical DMG


  •  Gives ATK% to teammates for X amount of turns.


  • Decreases her own Aggro
  • Increases teammates Damage
  • Action Advances all teammates
  • Enters a Disabled state for Countdown time, but she’ll become active after this countdown is over.


  • Gives teammates Crit DMG% based on own Crit DMG
  • Increases Speed
  • Self-heals when under X% of HP
  • Gains energy after teammates have taken X amount of turns.


  • If E1 when on Disabled” state, increases her teammates’ Speed and Damage
  • If E6 when on Disabled state, gives debuff resistance to teammates and dispels their debuffs.

This is all the information we have so far. Although it’s a rather complete list, we’ll see the full extent of her power when the beta for 2.2 is released sometime this week. We’ll then see if she fits the bill to become one of the best support units in the game, as she has a lot of capabilities to support her teammates.

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