How chain attack damage works in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage Chain Attack Damage Inflicted
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The battlefield is a messy place. Heroes may find themselves overwhelmed by enemy waves unless they plan each attack carefully and make the most of available resources. In Fire Emblem Engage, part of the process involves inflicting chain attack damage to finish off enemies more efficiently. Here’s our guide to how chain attack damage works in Fire Emblem Engage.

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How chain attack damage works in Fire Emblem Engage

A chain attack occurs when two friendly units attack an enemy unit while using only a single turn. This technique proves especially useful in the event an enemy unit might otherwise survive a powerful attack and live to take revenge the next phase.

A combo chain lets a powerful physical warrior such as Alear strike an enemy after enjoying a melee assist from a support unit. To perform chain attacks with your characters, position Backup units around the target. Only characters with the Backup attribute can join in a chain attack. Their placement is also critical; they must be right next to their target.

Fire Emblem Engage Chain Attack Battlefield Grid

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Suppose an enemy unit is positioned wanders into an open prairie. A friendly unit with the Backup attribute stands immediately to its right. In that case, a friendly unit capable of dealing a powerful blow might approach from any of the remaining three directions. The chain attack occurs as the friendly ally strikes with a weak opening attack. Then the main unit follows up with the planned attack.

Chain attacks are crucial in later battles when enemies outnumber friendly units. More than one Backup unit can contribute to a single chain attack, and that unit can contribute to multiple chain attacks in a single phase.

Fire Emblem Engage Chain Attack Dancer Adding Turn

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Another point to keep in mind is that a weakened Backup unit won’t take damage while contributing to a chain attack. This fact allows the unit to safely tag powerful adversaries even while on the brink of death.

Late in the campaign, the Dancer unit lets an adjacent ally take a second turn in the same phase. With a Dancer’s assistance, the number of friendly attacks possible in a phase increases further. Careful use of chain attacks can mean the difference between failure and victory.

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