Fire Emblem Engage Tower Of Trials
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Fire Emblem Engage offers a lot for solitary players. Sometimes, though, people want to play with friends or even random strangers. For social individuals, there are Relay Trials. Here’s our guide on how Relay Trials work in Fire Emblem Engage.

How do Relay Trials work in Fire Emblem Engage?

Upon clearing the campaign’s fourth chapter, you unlock a building known as the Tower of Trials. The structure appears at the southern tip of The Somniel. You can enter it to participate in Relay Trials.

You can visit the Tower of Trials and join online Relay Trials to win precious loot when you spend a Relay Ticket. The game awards a single Relay Ticket within each 24-hour period. You must visit The Somniel during a given day to acquire one. A window pops up to let you know one has been added to your inventory. The number of Relay Tickets you currently possess appears on the bar along the bottom side of the screen when you access various status screens.

Fire Emblem Engage Relay Ticket Obtained

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With a Relay Ticket in hand, enter the Tower of Trials and select the Relay Trial option. Only other Nintendo Switch Online users can join. Your ticket allows you either to start a New Trial or Take Over an existing one. Conduct a search to find a random trial, or enter an access key someone has posted online. Your friends may also have one to offer, if they need help.

Fire Emblem Engage Relay Trial Replay

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In a Relay Trial, players take turns eliminating enemies. They can also activate entryway panels so more friendly units can join in subsequent turns. Your team must route the enemy horde within 10 turns without allowing Alear to perish. When one player has taken two turns, the torch gets passed to the next relay team member.

Fire Emblem Engage Relay Trial Rewards

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Participants receive prizes at the end of a successful run, with extra loot awarded for various accomplishments. The value of that loot depends on map difficulty. Because maps require several players to clear them, you may find the best approach is to activate your own map and take your turns. Then check in later to see if other random players have come along and secured victory in the event.

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Fire Emblem Engage can be purchased on the Nintendo Store.

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