How to awaken fruit in Blox Fruit

How to awaken fruit in Blox Fruit

Don't eat that fruit.

Roblox is the eternal playground of both gamers and creators alike. The wonderful engine lends itself perfectly to whatever whacky and wonderful inventions are created by the community. Multiple anime worlds have now been built and created in Roblox, with many fan favorites ready to explore. Blox Fruit, based on the smash hit One Piece, tasks players with finding fruits to become the number one pirate. However, when a fruit is found, you first need to awaken it to activate its powers in Blox Fruit.

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The process to awaken fruit in Blox Fruit

If you want to awaken your fruit in Blox Fruits, you will first have to collect Fragments. These are a currency that can be spent in order to activate the various fruits in the game. You can only get fragments by completing raids in the game. 

Complete a raid

How to awaken fruit in Blox Fruit
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To start a raid, you must first have access to either the second or third sea. In the second sea, you must visit Hot and Cold Island and look for the pads that have corresponding lights. Switch the lights to (from left to right) Red, Blue, Green, Blue. You can then talk to the Scientist. In the third sea, you will simply find the scientist in the Sea Castle. You will need to spend 100,000 beli or give him a physical fruit to start a raid. It is only necessary for one person from a group to buy the raid.

Complete the waves of enemies to complete the raid. The more you defeat, the better the outcome. You will need as many Fragments as you can get to awaken your fruit in Blox Fruit. Ensure that the raid you are doing corresponds to the fruit you wish to awaken in Blox Fruit.

Talk to the Entity

Provided you’re able to beat the raid, you will be teleported to a room with the Entity. Finally, trading your fragments with the Entity will allow you to unlock the move locked inside the fruit. Then, you can repeat this process with all the fruit you want to awaken in Blox Fruit.

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